In this episode, we finish installing all of the zip sheathing on the center section walls and you get a glimpse of what our house will look like once the roof is on and it is all enclosed! We’ve definitely had some setbacks with all of the rain lately… but we’re getting there! It’s all about the journey!

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  1. so just a quick question, how will you seal the bottoms of the zip walls to the roof of the shipping containers?
    Are the shipping containers sloped so as to shed water away from the walls?

  2. Was just mentioning this vid to my friend Wes.
    We are still in the works on a four 40’ container project with a double 20’ side by side container in the ground for a pool. Got the plans and the measurements but we are finding it difficult to get a loan as this is considered unconventional as hell.
    Kinda sucks.
    I look at your progression and I’m seeing a lot of no no’s you guys are doing. A little concerned for you guys.

  3. The real value in all these videos you had share is watching a nice young couple chasing a dream together as one. Thanks you for sharing with such a nice spirit showing the real ingredients for happiness way beyond building techniques. Kudos from the Caribbean @ Dominican Republic

  4. At some point yo eventually realize that the metal roof of these containers are level, thus not proving drainage for rain water. Not to mention that standing water is not indigenous to the health of particleboard/press-board. Relying on the drainage from the original container construction doesn't wok. :o)

  5. I know it is kind of late, but if you would have pushed the walls out a little bit you would then have a nifty little shelf up there. Maybe you can do that on your next house. 🙂

    as for the corrugations, caulk is your friend.

  6. Congrats on what you have achieved so far. Pity that you have some self absorbed zealots that watch your channel and then hit dislike. What kind of oxygen thief does that. Cheers and pay no attention to the haters.

  7. I love you guys I just started watching I’m so glad I found you guys channel keep up the good work. And also how do you guys finance this project?

    P.S spencer you are a lucky guy, you have a great woman she is very cheerful pretty awesome 👏🏾👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  8. Minor sawing tip – when using a skill saw, always if possible, cut the board with the big part of the sole plate on the wood. That provides a more stable saw cut with less wobbling of the blade. Cutting on the opposite side of the board with the approximate one inch wide plate allows the saw to go off a true ninety-degree cut.

  9. You to are so cool and Spencer your one very lucky man haven a woman thats not afraid to get down and dirty you don't see many like that now days wish you Both the best of luck for ever

  10. McKenzie your very pretty and having a good sense of humor makes the video fun to watch. Your other half has really good skills. Project looks great. Keep up the good work.

  11. On rebuilding my house I invested in some massive tarps and heavy rocks and it was well worth it !!! Only one night was bad and rain was running down the chandelier in the dining room !!!

  12. Hi Guys I'm building alone in the Australian wet tropics / we get stupidly hot temps with DEVISTATING 98 99% humidity daily / when it's clear we do all out in sun work at the very crack of dawn and the last 2 or 3 hours of arvo depending on sun or shade…. but feeling ya when ya say about the heat while.on the roof…..

    Would live to converse with Spence on my build /

    [email protected]


  13. Looking good y’all ! I’m so excited to watch each video. Thank you so much for sharing your build and life. 🐞🐄🐍🐦🐶 LG wall AC is amazing and it can run off the solar. My neighbors did it a few years back. The units are small and compact with no noise. They’re a game changer.


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