All 19 Rare Grand Underground Spawns in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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  1. This is off subject, but I need some help I accidentally got the TM Rock Climb early and then it now says, “Obtain TM Rock Climb on Route 217 even though I have it already, I’m just confused on how to progress since I can’t “Obtain” it.

  2. ‘Shoutout to that one person who Swinub is their favorite Pokémon, I’m doing this just for you’

    Thank you so much Austin John! 😂 Mamoswine is going to be my favorite Pokémon on my team!

  3. I took your deal. I've used your stuff in the past, and I've certainly watched three of your videos in the last two hours alone lol. Thanks for the help, Austin John!

  4. Thank you so much for the amazing effort you put in to making these videos for us, have been bingeing these videos since the game came out and the grand underground ones are some of the most useful tips ever!

  5. I don't even play the game , chose not to for this one ( followed all your videos of swsh) , but I'm watching because it's entertaining , rare to have such quality of content and dedication ( and speed ! ) to bring us content 🙂 stay golden austin !

  6. Team galactic: wait hold up what are u doing with that Luxio Prinplup and Stravia me: oh simple I’m prepping for your funeral and now my Luxio just evolved to Luxray and Stravia and Prinplup just evolved

  7. The old man who gives you the explorer kit has a tutorial for you and you can get some rewards. Unlike the originals he will give you 5 dusk, quick and dive balls

  8. I found a Swinub my first time in the swamp biome & I brought it with me for the second gym battle, didn't do as bad as you'd think it did, he took out both Gardenia's Cherubi & Turtwig. I was accidentally synchronizing impish, I put my Kadabra in the lead because I needed it to flee from wild Pokemon & it was synchronizing impish so that's what a bunch of Pokemon I caught in the Grand Underground wound up with & it took me a minute to realize what was going on. I then switched it out & just ended up fighting instead of fleeing because all of my Pokemon at the time were slow. By the way, I only caught the Abra just so I could have access to teleport, I was unfortunate to get one with synchronize but it's fine, at least having that in post game might come in handy if I ever want to find a wild impish Pokemon to breed. I have to say, synchronize works so much better here than it did in gen 6, gen 6, I'm telling you did not work at all. Was trying to synchronize jolly for my shiny Dratini hunt & I phased 11 times, only 1 thing was jolly & it sadly was not my shiny Dratini, I forget the nature it ended up with but it was an attack lowering nature which made me frustrated. You're not dealing with that here thankfully, just be mindful of your lead party member when looking for Pokemon in the Grand Underground.

  9. When I first unlocked the underground I wanted to check it out and I ran into an absol in the first opening!! I was so upset as I didn’t have enough pokeballs and it ended up getting away, I haven’t been able to get one to reappear since

  10. I got stucked yesterday in the underground. I used it outside team Galactic warehouse, then after about 10mins underground, cannot go up, Rowan's message keeps on blocking me.

  11. I wondered why in the last video with the screenshot chart of rare spawn rates that there weren’t any dragon types. Which would’ve made dragon statues pointless.

  12. Austin John I had a question about evolution items. First of all great video, informative as always. Secondly, can you find more than one evolution item? Like multiple protectors, razor fangs, or magmarizers for example?


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