Alejandro Davidovich Fokina STUNNING Tennis vs Fritz | Monte-Carlo 2022 Quarter-Final

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Comment (0)

  1. Wow! Unexpected! Also Fritz played at least 30% better than Novaxx!
    ADF the future no. 1, or like many before him, a one hit wonder! ®️👍👏

  2. I don't know if I'm the only one who notice this, but he's so fast add to the level of anticipation that's off charts. If he could maintaining these traits, he could win this for sure.

  3. New horizons for other young player after Miami. Exciting times for tennis 🎾. I was a bit bored with current generation of ATP top players, but those kids sure are much more down to earth and inspiring than some of the current top 10 players. Glad that my countryman Dimitrov with which we share the same surname is making it further in the tour for once. He is a great talent but a wasted one with his 30 years.

  4. I've always known that his time will come, Would be perfect if he stays injury free, Scintillating stuffs with magical and pure ground strokes type of tennis 🎾, congrats DF, with all due respect to TF too

  5. For me Fokina is not only one of the most talented newcomers, he's also one of the smartest on the court, look at the point at 2:09.
    He made all the right decisions in this match and was able to read Fritz's game so well.

  6. Фрицу надо отрастить бороду и он станет в один ряд с Опилкиным и Пэром….вот такие они современные американские теннисисты..

  7. David is a Lion, man. And a cheetah.
    Congrats on your first 1000 ATP semi final.
    I said this before, Nadal was not as quick as when he was younger (as Fokina and Alcaraz now run) and lost the IW to Fritz for that reason: I very much believe Carlos would have won it had he gotten past Nadal.

  8. God damn I have been in the big 3 bubble for too long, so many great players right now!


    We are in for a great decade of tennis!

  9. Fokina is a scrapper, which i like! But damn the fluctuations in his perfermance are killing me. 3rd game of the 3rd set(breaks Fritz to love) he plays like Rafa 2008 at RG! Then the next game he plays like Egor Gerasimov or sth.

  10. Anyone in the top 100 can beat anyone else in the top 100.
    Every player is capable of playing superb tennis, but the 3 out of five sets (grand slams) for 7 rounds in two weeks are a tad different.
    Congrats to the guy with the triple names.


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