Albie Casiño’s Biggest Regret | Toni Talks

For the first time, we are giving in to your request. I sat down with Albie and talked about his life’s biggest regret and what he learned from it.

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  1. Imagine how humble this guy is, his feelings are valid from all the bad experiences brought by them yet he apologized publicly for some wrong choice of words, without a hint of pride. While the other camp, never have they apologized to him publicly up to this day, that was all physical and mental abuse Albie experienced when he was 18. High respect to you Albie and to your mom. Surrender the anger and all those bad memories. When you obey and trust Him He will use it for your good. More power!

  2. Ito ung personality na kailangan mung maging strong at happy sa harap ng tao, dahil ung ang tingin nila sayo, pero minsan kahit natatapakan na pagkatao mo, kailangan mo lumaban lalo na kapag alam mung tama ka.

  3. Idol ko sya nung kasagsagan ng career nya nuon pero un nga na udlot career nya dhil s controversy but I still like him and idol p din ang galingnya mag is salita and he seems a nice person . I cant inagined the pain that he endured that time and was accused of things he didn't do. He deserve a genuine apology 🙁 💕💕💕

  4. I cant imagine the pain he had gone through tlga, and seeing the wisdom he has now made sense. Not just respect for you albie, but admiration of the person you are now. Praying for more happiness ahead.

  5. I really love the way ms. Toni interviews people. They are all different. But, ms. Toni always manage to bring their hearts, their stories. I guess, that's her gift. I always look forward to your vlogs every week ❤

  6. Im proud of you Albie! Was a fan of yours back then, and right now I couldn’t be more prouder. You are more than your past. Keep going! You are loved as well 🤎

  7. andy should have announced that Albie wasnt the father and its Jake Ejercito nung lumabas na yung DNA test.their whole family shouldve made public apology.kung masama lang family ni Albi and gugustuhin nilang makuha yung justice for their son, ewan ko na lang mangyayari sa family ni Andy.Dapat tumanaw sila ng utang na loob specially sa mom ni Albie , sobrang bait niya lang para hayaan sila after everything theyve done to albie. kung ako nanay ni Albie,patong patong kaso nila sakin.

  8. I am seeing myself on you, Albie. I always being misinterpreted by people around me because of the way i tell the truth, being frankly and they hated me that way. I always thought am a bad person but now i feel better because of this interview. Thank God for this 😊

  9. Sinira mo sa public tas sa PM ka magsosorry? Sa tingin mo tatanggapin nya yun? Oo tapos na, past na. Nakamove on na si Andi pero sino ba tayo para pangunahan si Albie dba? D madaling makamove on lalo na buong pagkatao nya ang inapak-apakan ng publiko noon. Masaya ako for Andi pero sana may decent public apology sila for Albie kase sinira nila ang career at pangalan ng tao.

  10. Grabe jud ung pagsira ni andi ng life niya. Career niya. Lahat lahat. At the end di pala siya ang tatay. Jusko andi! Di sana bumalik sa family mo yan. Im hoping na sana hindi! 😞🙏🏻

  11. Albie you are loved by many ever before kala mo lang hindi dahil sa pangit mong kahapon. Your shadow brighten up as an actor. Love yourself buddy and love God the first forgive and forget so to make you happy and free.

  12. I can't imagine what this guy had to go through. Just listening to him makes me want to cry and embrace him. I'm a mom who has a 22 year old son. Must have been difficult for his mom. But one thing I saw clearly. The experience has given him maturity and taught him humility and patience. One day, I pray that he will also learn to forgive truly. It may take a while because he's still on the process and learning as time passes by but if he finds Jesus in his life, he will be able to release that forgiveness. The amazing thing about forgiveness is that once you are able to give it, your life will move leaps and bounds. My prayer for you Albie, is to keep honoring your mom, listen to advice, stay humble, and build a relationship with the Lord. I can feel the deep pain that you went through. But trust in the process that the experience was what you needed to bring you where you are today. And if you continue on this path, you will still go a long, long way. If times do get tough and rough as you go, always believe that the Lord has placed you where you are because He wanted you to find Him. Be strong, keep going. Will be watching out for you and praying for you on your journey. I'm excited for what lies ahead of you. God bless you, Albie!

  13. Toni is a good host and convo driver. She listens and has majorly given the whole time for her guests to speak and answer the questions without actually interjecting her POV when the guests are still letting their thoughts flow. And she seldom does the "fill in the blank" thing. She just listens and speaks when she really has too. Congratulations Toni!

  14. Ung iba ang easy makapagsabi na move on na dapat c Albie..kaso hindi rin eh.Ang hirap sa part niya..knowing my adhd pa cya..Iba iba rin tayo ng coping mechanism.Basta deserve niya ng public apology from Andie, from jake ejercito, from jacklyn jose..

  15. Pinagtulungan kase ng parents ni Andy yan eh cno ba naman c Albie that time senior na artista binabanatan sha nun tandang tanda ko, di bale Albie What goes around comes around antayin naten yan


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