In modern-day Miami, a poor 14-year old named Al happens upon a magic genie who grants him his every wish. A close father-son relationship develops between the two of them until the lamp is stolen by a local gangster.

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  1. This was produced in Italy and overdubbed with extra scenes with an American actor, I'm assuming. I imagine myself as a 90's child growing up in Italy watching this on a sick day.

  2. Wow… I've never seen a movie that was so all-over-the-place. What a wild ride. Would honestly love to see Nostalgia Critic rip this to shreds, if he hasn't already. 😁😅

  3. “I’ll be thereeee… bringing joy to the world…” “I’m the genie of the lamp” “geeeeeee-nieeeeee, genie of the lamp” (I think they’re saying lamp, or “land”.. something 😆)

    This opening song, LOL! Man, I miss the 80’s… it was so cheesy at times but fun..

  4. Why Miami? Why not do this Italy!? It might be more convincing. Miami is too over used, Italy would be a fun show to watch. If they they have to dub it in English, so what! 11-19-2021


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