After a Crisis, Madrid is Booming Again

After nearly a decade of economic crisis Madrid is growing again and you can feel the optimism. Spain’s capital teems with trendy bars and boutique shops.

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Comment (225)

  1. Yes its the city which lives thanks to the speculation of being a Tax Heaven place and all the 16 billion dollars that has robbed to Barcelona the last 40 years, it’s all aesthetics and appearance…

  2. It's impossible to close eyes … Very interesting !
    Spirit captures ….
    Thank You dear Bloomberg for Your unique , very important information and Your decent job for us !

  3. The Biggest Problems facing avg. people is the take over of world economies by a select and powerful few. Few banks, owned by very very rich people have the power to completely destroy a nation's economy, anytime they like. Because of this, it is easy to ruin the livelihood of the 99% of people who have little to no power, nor savings. Thus, leading to situations like in Madrid, and countless other cities and nations across the world. Coming off of the gold standard, was the worst thing for avg. people in my opinion. What's the difference between a 20USD bill and 100USD bill. The paper is the same, and it probably costs the same to make. Yet one is worth more than the other, just because a few people say it does, and so we believe them.

  4. Es fascinante leer la sección de comentarios repleta de polacos (de los polacos españoles, quiero decir) echando pestes de Madrid. El engaño independentista empobrece a Barcelona cada día más. Si a eso le sumas la criminalidad rampante, pues normal que estén picados.

    A disfrutar de la proyección de Madrid, perdedores. Vosotros lo habéis querido.

  5. The most beautiful, homely, cheery and friendly town in the world. By the way, if you want to enjoy one of the best tortilla de patatas in Madrid go and try 3:13 Bodega la Ardosa… Amazing raciones aside from tortilla will conquer your stomach

  6. pretty shot but I thought this was going to be more informative. It looks like mere publicity for that neighborhood. Yeah, it's just a neighborhood which I actually never called Justicia before… Well, there are many homeless and junkies all over the rest of Centro… I find out that once I moved to this so called Europe. Apparently I have to have a car so I can enjoy the city or something cuz the metro is always full with these beggars and 2 days ago a dude sat beside me, he stank so awful, and he had a messy mass daubed on most of his hair, he looked pretty weird, I had to sit somewhere else, a lady then sat beside him I was freaking out staring at hear bearing that stench

  7. Very interesting that all of the bad comments from people regarding that they live in Madrid, are from catalans who never visited Madrid and are just jealous because it's overrated Barcelona is less famous than Madrid now. They just hate all that sounds spanish, and want to discredit Madrid with false experiences that "they had". I lived in Madrid since I was born. I've never been robbed nor seen dangerous homeless people or drug addicts. It's the safest city in Spain to walk during the night (not a single reported sexual assault unlike other spanish cities) and everyone will be very friendly with you if you need help or anything else. The public transportation is one of the best in Europe, fast, cheap and reliable. So if you are visiting Madrid, don't mind looking for a car rent, or even a taxi or uber. Just go by metro or bus.

  8. The map of Spain at the beginning (0:33) is at least insulting when not offensively ignorant. Pretty much every regional border was wrong. Imagine fusing together VT, NH, MA and NY, then CA with AZ, NM and TX… Won't bother watching what's left of the video… Shame on Bloomberg

  9. I've travelled to many cities in Europe but the city i love coming back to the most is Madrid, it's my home away from home. Love the blend of architecture, modern infrastructure, climate and the nearby snow capped mountains. I love the outdoors and i love Madrid!

  10. The video was ok until i watched flamenco in the last 20 seconds. People must know that flamenco is a traditional art from the south of Spain above all from Andalucia. If you want to enjoy a traditional outfit and dancing in Madrid you have to see a chotis.

  11. Feel in love with Madrid bc that's where I met the love of my life, but then unfortunately I had to leave and come back home 😞

  12. That is to say, now that we have a communist mayor who is doing everything possible to destroy the economy of the city is when we are better. really fantastic analysis. Starting with the title, Justice, what the hell is that? A video game where you have to shoot some churritos.
    A now we feel optimistic;now!.when the mayor has been preventing the construction of projects and thus the creation of jobs, when the mayor closes the terraces of bars and puts absurd laws, when it closes the entire city center,preventing businesses in this area from thriving.
    JUSTICE! Coming soon in all platforms

  13. Being unemployed in an Anglo Saxon country like UK USA etc is way harder then in Spain. Unemployment in Spain is totally overrated. Sucks how they always talk about crisis and unemployment when speaking about Spain. This Bloomberg video is rather bad advertising for Spain. Who paid you for this Bloomberg, Maduro? Erdogan?

  14. It just like an ads about visit madrid. Why you didn't explore how the people & government overcome/ struggle with the recession? Lol


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