African Cats: Official Trailer 2

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From Disneynature, the studio that brought you Earth and Oceans, comes the epic journey African Cats. Set against one of the wildest places on Earth, you’ll experience the extraordinary adventure of two families as they strive to make a home in a untamed land. Stunning high-definition images take your breath away as you come face-to-face with these majestic kings of the savanna and their true-life love, humor and determination. Blending family bonds with the power and majesty of the wild – and complete with an exclusive behind-the-scenes bonus feature – it’s an exciting, awe-inspiring experience that will touch your heart.

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  1. the thing that bugs me is that Disney nature said "see the movie opening WEEK and they will donate to help the African Savannah but the movie is only in theaters ONE DAY and that's earth day. how much help can they get from one single day? its better if it was out for a week.

  2. @weird1tuhan
    and its only a donation of $.20 per ticket. so people who care about these animals, donate directly to their website!

  3. @weird1tuhan The films have opened each Earth Day, but they do run longer than just that day, usually 4-6 weeks in the cinemas; therefore, audiences are encouraged to see the film during the opening week.

  4. Hopefully the footage is fresh this time, we got railroaded with Earth and all of the recycled footage. Other then that I just hope the commentary is somewhat more realistic then "Daddy polar bear trying to find the mommy, but he's lost in ice." Funny as Bears are not Monogamous..

  5. I'm a Guy and i almost always cry every time i see this. I just love to see how Nature works in its ways. Some day i wish to travel the world and see its wildlife in Africa, Australia, South America ect…. Lets all hope this world will heal and all the destruction from the wildlife habitats will heal quickly overtime and we will cherish and love how the world was suppose to be…

  6. i just saw this today, so cute, but also a bit sad. great to see the animals and how they are with their mothers, and their young. the love between them is adorable. cried quite a bit, but im a sucker for animals.

  7. @weird1tuhan Idk if this is true for everywhere (let alone whereever you live), but I live in NC and it was released on Earth day and continued to show for the rest of the week. I went like the 4th day it was out and they were still making donations. So…yeah….maybe you just misunderstood because it was definitely out for a week here.


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