Adapting to a changing climate

A new video documentary by the UNFCCC Adaptation Committee aims at raising awareness on climate change adaptation. The 20 minute documentary “Adapting to a changing climate” introduces viewers to the topic of climate change adaptation, weaving in inspiring stories of adaptation action and interviews with experts.

Christina Chan, Co-Chair, Adaptation Committee
Juan Hoffmaister, Co-Chair, Adaptation Committee
Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC

HE Lucille Sering, Secretary of the Climate Change Commission of the Philippines
Ms Mary Robinson, UN Special Envoy for Climate Change
Professor Lord Nicholas Stern, academic and author of the “Stern Review”
Ms Bianca Jagger, Chair of the Human Rights Foundation.

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  1. So, according to the UN it's only poor remote countries that need to adapt to Climate Disruption? Guess they want to the rest of us to stuff our heads in our warm comfy bellybuttons and let others do "some" adaptation for the sake of the camera.
    One more pinked up BS load from the UN.
    Too much politics and marketing in there to be of any real use to anyone. It's a very very weak public relation video.

  2. This documentary was well done! The main points on resilience and also adaption speak so much truth! More people need to see this, because frankly people these days have a trouble understanding unless proven to them with facts, footage/pictures.

  3. Too late. We're headed past 2 degrees and from there it will full panic. I'd like to believe in my species, but we can't even agree on the small problems like healthcare, human rights and freedom. Buy land, plant hardy crops and learn to share.

  4. All this talk about adapting to climate change, switching from chickens to ducks? Ludicrous! I hear not one word about all their adapting where they say, instead of having 7 children we are now going to have just one! Where is that in the solution here? It has been overpopulation that has brought civilization to this brink yet every country, every scientist, every politician never mention population reduction as the major solution to this problem. Nothing at all is going to be solved with this attitude and the World Bank, IMF and UN are promoting climate change with their program of trying to bring every backwater country up to speed with the highest nations on earth. If these organizations continue to bring every third world country up to speed we will see an exponential increase in CO2 to 1000ppm. Who appointed these organizations, WB, IMF, UN to the position to become the world missionaries using tax dollars? Who? This nonsense has to stop. People in all countries of this world need to rise up by their own initiative and not be prompt jumped into modern nation status, I see no good coming of that method at all. If they don't work for a better life then it is not going to come through gifts from the modern world.

  5. I have very limited confidence in the UN . The UN is corrupted by its members ! A lot of nice words without power to establish/realise justice ! Nacional defence finance and development has to become illegal and be prohibited . Only the UN ought to have weapons to defend global justice .
    Big Oil & Big Coal has to be owned and controled by the UN ! That is the only peaceful way forward ! This is the only way to save life on this sensitive and damaged planet . The market can not handle our futore

  6. Hi guys! if u care for the environment, please use Ecosia as your search engine. For every 45 searches u make, a tree will be planted somewhere. If you think this is fake, u can always check out their YouTube channel. Stay safe guys 🙂 bai bai


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