Adam Savage Reviews Dune Crysknife Replica Prop!

Adam unboxes and reviews the officially licensed Dune Crysknife prop replica from United Cutlery, in preparation for his own replica prop and costumes inspired by the new film. A little bit Dune-obsessed at the moment, Adam scrutinizes and appreciates this polyresin replica, down to the translucency and sculptural detail of the handle. It really is a faithful replica of a beautiful design!

Officially Licensed Dune Crysknife:
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Shot by Adam Savage

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Comment (132)

  1. It probably reads;
    Oh mighty Shai-hulud, Keeper of balance

    Bless the Maker and His water.

    Bless the coming and going of Him.

    May His passage cleanse the world.

    May He keep the world for His people.

  2. So I know that someone figured out how to 3d print keratin fibers, specifically with the intention of flooding the rino horn market in an attempt to make it not worth poaching. No idea how successful that was, but if you could 3d print the knife in keratin (a long shot I know) that would feel very real to me, especially since my impression of the sand worms from the Dune trailers was very reminiscent of whale baleen.

  3. It was interesting in the film you can see that in some of the tight shots the blades have very little inertia (light weight). If a worms tooth is strong as steel but ultra light weight, that would be a great knife.

  4. Adam, while you may be well enough off to through $160 out the window. I would recommend that piece of garbage to anyone. Looks like it came straight from Alibaba. And while I know you are obsessed with props, as it is in your blood. That movie was an average battle in a desert, at best. They cut out the driving points of the story of dune. NO Navigators and their threat to the Emperor, NO Emperor appeared, or Princess Irulan, and they forgot the most important rule: One does not unsheath a Crys knife if they are not going to use it. blood must be drawn first before it can be sheathed. Oh and the bastard removed Chani's father Liet Kynes for the sole purpose of a political gender/race swap which is total bullspit.

  5. damn, this awesome prob can be bought in the netherlands. but no less as 299 Euro (337 Dollar) this is just stealing.

    but it looks absolutly awesome. but from dune i want Duncan or Gurney's kindjals. those look great. the clean sharp lines with alot of detail. but i cannot find any for sale.

  6. Very cool! Nice review! (on a side note, yes you could 3d metal sinter print it, then make the blade out of polycarbonate blend both translucent and stupid sharp -it'll never be carbon steel but that's ok).

  7. Loved the movie and have watched it 3 times now and can’t wait for the second half.

    It will be interesting to see all the goodies Adam will make.

    Funny thing, I introduced my wife to David Lynch’s original 1982 Dune last night and she thought it was absolutely horrible, bad effects, bad acting just all round bad. Admittedly, I love the original movie and have seen it over 20 times, but it does look really cheesy now compared to todays movies.

  8. I haven't seen the movie, so that was my first exposure to "Fremen" writing. I have to say that it's disappointing. It's typical filmmaker "alien" script and looks like the writing from a lot of other movies and TV shows. Judging by the apparent lack of any real pattern to how the letters are used, I even doubt that it says anything. They could have done much better.

  9. Whenwver I see Mr Savage, unbox, I always want him to use a knife from another movie.


    The big knife from Crocodile Dundee
    A Flick knife from West side story
    A Battarang from a batman movie.

    Etc etc

  10. This yet another high quality mass produced prop replica you've shown. Is this some selection bias because of course you know your stuff and buy quality pieces or over the years prop replicas have raised in quality in a general sense?

  11. Thank you for the spoiler alert, not seen the film yet, so will watch the rest of this once i have, btw that prop looks amazing for a mass market production piece, almost looks like a one off piece from the film

  12. You can just make silicone moulds from this and cast any material out of hundreds presented on the market. Like smooth-On Task series, there are translucent resins that will not brake. I used Task 3 with added fibre (for concrete)- and discovered basically Adamantium which I was unable to sand or brake.

  13. I think they did a good job on the Crysknife, but they should have put a more defined edge on it, it's basically just a spike, and not a blade and unless there is some other factor at play, it wouldn't cut butter let alone flesh or bone.

  14. The single most expensive replica I have, is also completely useless. And since I bought it with my own money, that just adds on to how wasteful it feels.

    Generally, when I buy something, it's never something to just be used as decoration. The only other purely decorative thing I have was a gift. Everything else that I decorate my room with are things that have purposes beyond decor, such as things I can wear, things I can shoot, things that I can drink out of, etc.

    The officially licensed replica Tankard of Terror from Blizzard Entertainment is too big for me to reasonably use as a drinking glass, its lack of a lid makes it unsuitable as a pitcher, and the fact that it's made of ceramic makes it far too fragile to use it as the original was used, as a weapon. Since its only remaining value is decorative, it's effectively worthless to me.

  15. From a knife design perspective, it doesn't make much sense that the handle of a fighting knife wouldn't have a guard or quillon to prevent the user's hand from slipping up onto the blade. The only historical fighting knife I know of that lacks such a feature would be the kukri, which doesn't need one because a) its designed primarily for chopping rather than stabbing, which would tend to make the hand slip back rather than forward (the shape of the crysknife strongly implies that it is primarily used for stabbing, secondarily for slicing, and not for chopping at all) and b) the kukri has a raised ring in the center of the handle which locks the hand in place, thus serving a similar function to a guard of quillon.

  16. I practice historical fencing and I recommend a nylon material to carve the knife out of as that is what is often used to make hard wearing replica weapons. There may be some flex or rigidity issues though and as for a clear composition of hard nylon I am not sure whether that would be available.

  17. As art I love that knife. I hate everything about it on a practical level. When compared to how the books describes them the only similarity is the translucence. No pommel, wrap, or "top pommel" semi guard. It's too long, too narrow, and too straight for "about as long as a fore arm". They are described as easily concealed but that thing wouldn't fit in a boot. It's beautiful, and I like it as a wall hanger but it's an atrocity crossed with a chefs sword…

  18. It might be interesting to actually go to a blacksmith and get the handle made for "real " and have Adam have a go at making the handle or learning blacksmithing techniques.

  19. I have a resin hero knife from the 1984 movie with a gold pommel that I weathered and made a rough leather sheath for. It is my night stand relic. Well until I finish my custom lightsaber build.

  20. I would carve it out of MDF and then cast it in something similar to Smooth cast 61d which is a translucent and semi flexible resin which can be strengthened by a fibreglass rod

  21. Can we just illegalise styrofoam? There are other ways to make custom packing materials and expanding a hard to reuse+recycle plastic that leaves contaminants in the environment (inevitability some part of the block will break off and end up in the water system or ingested by an animal) is something that we must address.

  22. Adam! rough hammered mild carbon steel after machining the form and engraving the scripture into it, hard wood for the handle, then a bronze blade hammer down upon it self to add strength yet also gently smoothed out, carved and carefully heated to get the color pattern. That is how I would make my own.

  23. After reading a glimpse of the novel back then when i was just a kid, I too am much obsessed with Dune after the 2021 movie, want to watch the old movie but I just can't deal with it (it's older than my older sister). The new movie got me hooked and watch it again and again, also started reading Dune comicbooks too!
    Hope they bring all Dune stories to the big screen or maybe HBO series, because the lore is so intriguing


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