Adam Carolla’s Private Garage – GQ’s Car Collectors – Los Angeles

Matt visits Adam Carolla for a peek inside Adam’s private garage and hear what drives him to collect cars.

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Adam Carolla’s Private Garage – GQ’s Car Collectors – Los Angeles

Starring: Matt D’Andria and Adam Carolla

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Comment (142)

  1. I'd like to see Adam have a Jay Leno car in his collection, so he can say, "this guy is incredible, he collects, like hundreds of significant cars and works on them himself, an amazing guy, so I decided to buy one of his cars and have it in my garage." Then he can have a plaque next to the car that reads, "owned and maintained by Jay Leno."

  2. This site doesn't even load — Yes… I have a high end mac & a my own server… It's just dead everytime that Dude who does the Intro to Carolla…

  3. So what exactly does this talentless hack do for that kind of money? Geesh – only in America can people make big money without actually doing anything constructive.????

  4. Lol you're obviously poor and angry. He busted his ass his entire life to be where he is. If you knew where he came from to where he is now you wouldn't talk like that.

  5. Car collecting is a serious and fun hobby for everyone interested in cars…new, used, vintage and even 'one off' designs. This "Matt" person is a poor host and an even poorer comedian. Mugging for the camera is not cool. The montonous drum beat in the background is not needed. You want noise? Go to Dodger Stadium for an earful. Intelligent questions and comments would be appreciated. Take some hosting lessons from Wayne Carini on "Chasing Classic Cars."

  6. No surprise why so many young people want to get into TV, movies, rock and roll   or the comedy circuit….the pile of money they make allows them to have great hobbies…Jay Leno, Tim Allen…they all own a great car collections….

  7. American Top Gear would be so awesome if it had Adam Carolla, Tim Allen and Jay Leno doing the show. They would really know how to have fun with cars, and be wickedly funny and entertaining at the same time.

  8. Red and green are complimentary colors which appear at opposite ends of the color wheel. So too are blue and orange and purple and yellow so what seems like weird color combinations are actually quite natural. 

  9. He's stated on numerous occasions that he doesn't drive his vintage Italian cars.  They're essentially collectible art for his media headquarters.  They are however, meticulously maintained by his mechanics.  The cars with fluids get started regularly.  They don't touch the street (except rare exceptions like Leno's show) other than his adjacent private parking area just to reach operating temperature.  It's safe to assume the air filters go back on if it ventures into the aforementioned car park (parking lot).  Additionally, the vehicles are covered and placed on show stands which prevent tire flat spots.  They're not "retards".  Quite the contrary.  They're actually adequately competent petrol heads.

  10. Video is waaay too short! BTW its about time you guys featured a REAL CAR GUY who comes from humble blue collar beginnings & actually knows a thing or two about his collection. He has a REAL passion for hard work, craftsmanship, & the automobile industry. I wish Adam Carolla had webisode series like Leno's garage 😣 He is knowledgeable, entertaining, funny, interesting, articulate, & hard working. I thought this channel only featured arrogant, boring, illiterate rap stars that rent a luxury &/or supercar for the day. That don't know the difference between a murcielaggo & a Geo metro. also don't know the difference between work ethic & work ethnic lol

  11. I WAS gonna say, "WOW, much props, GQ. Seein as how you've more or less become a Rolling Stone/Commie Manifesto equivalent, I give you credit for giving the time of day to someone you (and DEF most you readers) would wipe off the face of this Earth if you/they could." Then I saw the date of 2013. So dissappointing.


    යැන්ක්වරු එයට කැමති වනු ඇතමම ඔහුට කීවෙමි සෑම මිනිත්තු තුනකට හෝ හතරකට වරක් දැන්වීම් ලබා ගත හැකි පාපන්දු ආකෘතියක් ජාලයන්ට අවසානයේ තිබේ ඔබේ සාමාන්‍ය පීරියන්ගේ අවධානයට බදු අය නොකෙරේ


    මෝලෙහි පිපිරීම යනු හදිසියේම ආලෝකයක් සහ නවක වදයක් අළු සුදු දුම මොහොතකට හෝ දෙකකට පසු මෝලෙන් පිටතට ගලා යයි මම ටික වේලාවක් එහි රැඳී සිටිමිබලා සිටිමිනමුත් වැඩි චලනයක් නැතවැඩි ශබ්දයක් නැත


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