Active Lane Keeping Assist – Mercedes-Benz original

Active Lane Keeping Assist can warn the driver when they unintentionally leave their lane and can use one-sided braking intervention to help manoeuvre the vehicle back into its lane (including in the case of broken lane markings if there is a risk of collision).

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  1. Warning and anyone else had this / knows a cure? I am driving a 2020 GLE E53, I am in the middle lane of a motorway passing a slower car on the left side. I get quite clear but when i turn in left the car blocks my turn action and puts a red line down the left of the card mimic display, it even steers back to the right overpowering my action. This is very dangerous if a car is overtaking me on the right side faster, the car appears to steer right into the the overtaking car then tucking in left as it goes past.
    This has happened a few times now and it's vert scary, appears to be a fault that can happen in the system?

  2. Even the 2013 Škoda, has more advanced lane keep assist. It turns you back in the lane with electrical steering wheel, not by braking opposite wheel. Also has an adaptive lane quidance, to keep you between the lanes. And i remaind you, that its a 2013 year model.


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