Acer Netbook Dissection – Resetting the BIOS – Acer Aspire One Nightmare

Well this is a real peace of Crap Chinese Netbook made of:
1. Compressed Cardboard
2. Aluminum
3. Plastic
4. Led
5. and other miscellaneous substances only because they are completely necessary for it to function.

Could not boot it and could not install an OS because the OS Windows XP was hozed and the BIOS had a protective password.
So I took it apart, removed the batter with a soldering iron, waited 24 hours, soldered it back together, put it back together, put JULinux8 on it. It worked fine.
After rebooting the netbook it make really bad BIOS error noises.
Tried to install XP.
Same result.
Solution would be to redo the BIOS but that can’t be done because Windows XP can’t be installed.
Second solution is to (for some reason this works) plug in and unplug a USB device when starting the computer each time (first plug in and start, then unplug and start the next time) and for some reason the hardware detection lets the BIOS work.

(this took 4 days, a lot of prayer, and a lot of video was cut out)

Help us caption & translate this video!

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