A Tribute to Sir Stirling Moss and the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR

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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩

    Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR = REAL BEAST!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩

    That "722" concept is just……………………………………….AMAZING!!!!!🤩🤩😁

    Keep it up Mercedes-Benz!!👏🏻👏🏻
    The best or nothing!!

  2. Almost certainly Moss' greatest race. Back in pre-sponsorship days, great racing drivers participated in many different events, not just F1. Of course, Moss was helped enormously by Jenks.

  3. Going to visit Brescia next june for the Mille Miglia, not after stopping in Stuttgart to visit the museum. Sir Stirling Moss is one of the heroes of our past!

  4. A great hero of everyone that loves motorsport admired, if not worshipped. Driving a car on skinny tyres (by today’s standards) on public roads, with no electronic assistance, and at that average speed, attests to his skilfulness and courage. A true, British lion, that makes every Brit proud.

  5. The cars of today have a lot of technology packed like AI, ML, OTA…but very few have them the durability, the engineering advancement of the cars of the old days…The cars of the old days had pure engineering in them like increasing the drum size, the suspension systems…and so on…I have seen 50 year old cars being driven still but nowadays even 2 year old cars are not starting…

  6. Stirling Moss was perhaps the greatest driver to never win the world championship.
    A true driver of extraordinary talent.
    Edit: It was brought to my attention that I misspelled Stirling so I corrected it.

  7. Stirling Moss said that mercedes were the most "British "of all the foreign marques. Their love for Britain is etched in history……….Seaman in the 1930's, Moss in the 1950's and Hamilton and Russell at present. Even the regeneration of the old brooklands race track for their new mercedes Benz world. And Stirling Moss, one of their favourite sons!

  8. I'd want to take that silver beauty right on a race track. Just let her loose and pick the bugs out of your grinning teeth. 😁 Just to see if you can set a fastest lap time. This is one of two Mercedes Benz I want to do that with. The other is the Uhlenhaut coupe, a street legal 300 SLR/SL hybrid that is so loud that they had to add a large suitcase sized muffler to tone it down. To me, this is hands down the sexiest car in existence.

  9. I offer my toast to a great car and an even greater driver. That straight eight with desmodromic valves and twin cams has to be the most exotic engine ever. Just like the 300SL Gullwing is the greatest supertourer of all time, the 300SLR 722 is the greatest racecar of all time.

  10. Whoever did the “finesse” bits on this must have been a Brit of a certain age…

    2:20 on the police bike fairing “who do you think you are, Stirling Moss?” That’s isn’t just made up. I missed it by a generation, but then I did get “who do you think you are, Barry Sheene?” In the late 70’s on my 750 Suzuki. And now I ride BMW and drive Mercedes – it must be a subliminal thing from my childhood.

    So huge congrats to Mercedes for taking the time and effort to organise this One Last Blast and god bless the bike coppers, they have a thankless task and here’s their time to shine in reflected glory of a great man and a great marque.

  11. 300 SLR… The world's first car with active aero. For those who don't know, the car was equipped with a driver activated speed brake on some variants, most famously for LeMans (assist the brakes coming off of the straights like the 4 mile Mulsanne, and more importantly, keep them cool).

  12. This is a great video about a great moment in motorsports. Averaging nearly 100 mph for 1000 miles on regular roads is amazing, a terrific accomplishment for Moss and his often-overlooked navigator, Denis Jenkinson. And also overlooked is that Fangio came second, only 32 minutes back, having driven the race alone! Of course in another 300SLR…

  13. A lovely tribute! I own a Mercedes Gullwing… a 1:18 scale model!🤣 My absolute favourite car of all time. I actually got to sit in one in Germany about 8 years ago at a car rally, & then a few later to talk to an owner of one here in rural Victoria, Australia.🤤😍😎🇦🇺👍🏼

  14. Nice touch, the sticker on the police bike. “Who do you think you are, Stirling Moss?” The police would ask this of every speeding motorist. If only.
    No better inspiration for this video than the classic, Rendezvous.


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