A town of 800 people that gets 1m tourists a year – BBC News

This is Halstatt in the Austrian Alps – a World Heritage Site that’s so picturesque, tourists can’t stay away.
But while it’s boosted the town’s economy, not all of the residents are happy.

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Comment (173)

  1. reduce the buses. LOL. on one hands, people say the economy is not good. on the other hand, they are not really welcome the tourists. it's sort of funny.

  2. They want rob money from the tourist's pocket, but not welcome them. So the best way is going to the tourist tourist's' country and rob directly.'

  3. Ungrateful local residents again complaining about exotic tourists – while many are annoying, these people are creating wealth for the local economy. When the honey pot runs dry, they'll soon be complaining again for a slump in visitors. Just be truthful, if they don't want Chinese tourists just say so, pretty sure who is promoting tourism to Austria from China will cease that promotion and divert their attentions elsewhere away from ungrateful Austria….

  4. Haha so clear that its hallstadt
    I live in austria it is incredible how the tourist are so flashed by this town (they also built a hallstadt copy in china) even though there are much more places like this
    Hallstadt definitely gets too many tourists

  5. The place has a fantastic lake. They should put river cruise boats on it and take the tourist pressure off by having them cruise around. Offer them a buffet of typical Austrian fare and everyone will be happy.

  6. I thought they said that the Chinese have no freedom and yet they can travel abroad freely and all of them return to their country freely.

  7. I guess it depends what's more important to the town – maintaining its quiet atmosphere whilst slowly crumbling into the lake due to lack of funding and a loss of population, or putting up with 300 tourist per hour (based on a 12 hour day). I'm gonna guess the old people will choose the former, whilst the youngsters and those with businesses the latter.

  8. I've lived in many countries in Europe and Asia. And I have to say Chinese tourist are the worstttttt. A few of them are ok, but in big groups, they're super loud, they don't understand or respect other countries' policies and regulations… They're pushy and mean and they don't know how to queue up for anything 😣

  9. There is a reason only 800 people live there, its local economy has been destroyed and replaced with tourism. Hence, the place isn't liveable, just like places such as Venice etc

  10. If they call that beautiful. Now just imagine how many tourist could come to abhakazia if Russian investor fixes the airport.i think the entire country will have 500million annually.

  11. I bet BBC must prefer to use "Chinese are disasters" as this video's title but they have to cover their hypocritical racist faces at least once, after all they've made so many videos obviously to tarnish Chinese people… SHAME ON YOU, BBC HYPOCRITE!!!

  12. Chinese are good in helping people's economy. So that girl came just to take pictures. If only I've money to travel just to take pictures and to upload in Instagram.

  13. It's hard on a community when people are "passing through" rather than acclimating…unless It's a roadside town. People Don't tend to care as much, they litter, party & leave. In a small community vs. Big city…that's disruptive.


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