A Thousand Words

Fast-talking Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) says whatever it takes to close a deal. But after stretching the truth with a spiritual guru, he suddenly finds his life depending on a magical tree with 1,000 leaves…one for every word he has left. Now Jack’s got to stop talking and conjure up some outrageous ways to communicate or he’s a goner. See why A Thousand Words is the hilarious, feel-good comedy that has it all: “great cast, great laughs [and a] great time!”

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  1. Hilarious! I LOVE IT! This is the perfect book for you, bc the first five pages and the last five pages are the whole book! LMAO!!! Beautiful ending. My first E.M.. movie, love it!

  2. I needed to see this right now. I am a talker a million times over and God has been trying to tell me to shut up. You don't need to fight and try to explain to people that always miss understand me. It hurts me to realize that I talk too much. People take my words and form them the way they want too.

  3. Such a good movie. For so many reasons. Can't believe how I cried. Eddie Murphy's acting was phenomenal in this movie. He's a great actor! And, the premise is amazing and super clever. The entire story is. Another movie in which he's over the top is "Bowfinger" with Steve Martin.

  4. 45:38 Wow, this is very aggressive product placement here. I thought his tapping that Starbucks cup was extremely unsubtle but this bit right here is a riot. I didn't even know you could buy talking Scarface dolls. (Can you?)

  5. I can't believe I never heard of this film! One of Eddie's better…
    That Nicolas Cage is a producer makes it even more intriguing.

  6. Sent my lying dad down the road 2 years ago. Tired of being used ! I left church, started back down the old road I left, lost my testimony before my children and felt like I'm dying inside my dream shattered and a total failure . Great movie
    Made me want to try again !
    My house is falling down around me . Thanks

  7. Love this movie yes we need to watch wat we say and how to say it and when to say words are so strong powerful sincere and they are hurtful and it's life so let's be mindful of how we feel about our self and others.

  8. Perhaps i can shed some light on the essence of this movie bc it is so profound in so many ways, let me explain;

    I think the message was that all of his words, were a distraction to evade himself from seeing his wounded inner child.

    because he did not want to acknowledge and accept the pain and anguish that he experienced when his father left him.

    he was abandoned ,but is it not any different when we all fail to acknowledge and accept our own wounded inner child?

    we would rather suppress and deny our own woundedness, instead of acknowledging and accepting it.

    but in so doing we become our woundedness, enveloped in a wounded inner child only desiring to be acknowledged , accepted and loved,

    So he left his wounded inner child alone. For so many years as all of us do, and in so doing he identified himself as the wounded inner child instead of being the Father of his wounded inner child.

    And this is common to man , when one becomes self aware he now can be on the journey of self discovery and self acknowledgement and acceptance.
    As he finally becomes the father of his own inner child, instead of remaining a slave to his wounded identity as was summed up in the cemetery, when he said im jack too, and his wounded inner child said no your not!

    And as he loves and accepts him even in his wounded state he loves and accepts himself resulting in the capacity of loving others as himself (as jesus says) sincerely and genuinely, or in truth and deed.

    He transforms from the consumer life of the false self aka the caterpillar to the real or true self producer role of the butterfly! In his own death burial and resurrection portrayed at the cemetery his last words in the false self being " i forgive you" speaking of forgiving his own father! Which is the key to realizing your true self!

    The ability to forgive the false image of your earthly father and mother realigns the true image of God the father in the hearts of man (read malachi chapter four turning the hearts of the father….).

    And to let your feelings and issues run their course instead of damming up your river of consciousness by suppressing them under the guise of guilt and shame.

    The remedy is when you have issues and or feelings or emotions that surface into your day to day circumstances, remember to let them surface, and acknowledge and accept them as your own wounded inner child welcome them with a warm embrace of loving kindness and hospitality feeling what they feel as painful as it may be, embrace those feelings and soon after you let go and they leave and you feel at peace right as rain! Bc you allowed them , your feelings to process, you let them run their course.now patience had her perfect work as you were being perfected by your fiery trial thereby.

    This process is a game changer, it has profoundly changed my life in so many ways, bc i now validate myself through acknowledging and accepting my wounded inner child, i experience love and acceptance and now i am able to give it to others outside of myself.it is truly amazing.

  9. What a fantastic movie! I laughed and cried. I absolutely love Eddie Murphy, .he is ageless! Magnificent storyline and directing. This movie shows the true depth of Eddie Murphy 's incredible acting.

  10. This movie was incredible WOW made me cry…it's very important how we use our words ..this movie is a lession learned think about what you say before you speak…words can hurt and heal us inside

  11. The real lesson to be learned is that The truth is what matters , but how many people can discern between Truth and Lie's ? If you are not allowed to question what you are told then it isn't the truth , the truth doesn't mind being questioned.


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