A Soldier’s Story

(Original TItle – A Soldier’s Story) © 1984 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. I'm less than 20 minutes into this and love it already! You go, Captain Davenport!! And the Corporal assigned to drive him is adorable😊. I am rooting for this Captain to get to the truth of the murder he's been sent to investigate and kick some serious butt😁.

  2. And now that I've seen the whole movie, it was worth the time. Captain Davenport does solve the case and it was interesting to see how it all happened. Harsh reality, the soldier and war business and very sad to see some of those realities here. It's hard to watch people being mistreated though and I understand the temptation to set things right. But there's always a side to the story that only the Good Lord knows, which is why He wants us to just love everybody and let Him do the settling up later. God bless our soldiers, regardless of the capacity in which they serve. What they do, and make themselves willing to do for our protection and freedom is worthy of our gratitude and respect.

  3. 80s kids, do you guys remember this being played on HBO? This was always played, I guess around mid 80s. Hated it as a kid but wow, this movie is a masterpiece. I looked up Adolp Ceaser and this guy did some classic voiceovers on movie trailers. Check out Dawn of the Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street trailers to hear his classic voice

  4. I am so glad that I found this. This movie is a classic. I remember watching this with my grandfather. This whole cast is full of GOATS. Thank you YouTube for this gem of.a story..❤.. RIH to all the amazing actors who are gone to soon

  5. I had no idea there was so much prejudice in the world until I brought one of my basketball team players home with me one day and after he left my step father who was a cop, LAPD, Yelled at me and told me never to bring a black person to his house. He said I have to work with them but I will be damned if I let one in my house. That was a big eye opener for me. I am disgusted with the human race and all the prejudice I have seen in my life, I got to experience it first hand as I let my hair grow out and became one of the hated hippies of the world. There has been prejudice against me my whole life because of that. Humans can be so cruel and as this movie shows, the worst can come from your own kind. That black officer had some serious issues, he should never have been an officer in my book. There are a lot of cops who should not be cops too. But so far we don't have a personality profile regulation anywhere to weed out these kinds of problems and we need one. If we had one there would not be so many black people getting killed for traffic stops.

  6. what a stupid story ….. i would have solved that case in minutes ….. it was quite obvious …. there were only a few men questionable …. i don't know but i knew he did it from the beginning …. just gut instinct …… this movie is not that good cause it makes black people look bad ….. the movie was made in the 80's so it pretty stupid …. the point was it does things just to piss you off …. you can't do that now …. i just didn't like how the movie portrayed black in power …. in fact i hated it …. anyways this soldier's story should have never been told …. it's just embarrassing and not great

  7. This is a great movie..at this time in history , black's in the army we're subject to this kind of treatment. The point of this movie, is racism , regardless of White on Black , Black on Black is wrong. I pray that someday will get past all this hate and distrust.

  8. Great movie. Awesome cast. The old dude sure was a spiteful and resentful little runt. I think everybody in the platoon prob wanted him dead. But we cant take punishment into our own hands even tho his racism against his own people made him say the things he did. My heart broke for the way the young soldier was treated and when he hung himself .Denzel looked very young in this,maybe early 30s.

  9. A great movie. At the ending I had a devious thought; the writing was excellent, but I wondered if it could have been written where the two killers were protected, just like how the caucasian community stuck together back in that time of racism… like, would it have been so bad for the captain to not have exposed the truth? no one would have suspected a thing.

  10. As a Prior Service United States Marine and Soldier ( 1987-1998, with 1 Year and 4 Months in the Army National Guard ( ARNG) and US Army Reserve ( USAR) ), I AM surprised how much The United States of America won a 2 Front War ( World War II, 1939-1945) with so much racism and separation in the Rank and File in the Army, Army Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard.🇺🇸🛡️🗡️

  11. Omg. I cannot believe this gem is FREE. RIP Howard Rollins. One of thē most gifted and gorgeous Blacktors Hollywood and film lovers were ever fortunate enough to experience. 🖤🎭🦋🎥

  12. In the early seventies, Marines were trained to view each other as olive drab green, we were to see no other color and everyman was government property. This movie was set in the forties. As a Marine I viewed all other Marines as brothers in arms and we were willing to die for each other. After the Corps, I have maintained my sense of comaraderie and brotherhood that I was trained in. I have given all olive drab brothers a hand up if they ever needed it, many have done the same for me. This is a testament to loving your brother, neighbor, even your enemy but loving God first for He created all of us. Semper Fidelis to all ! God, Country, Corps ! OORAH !

  13. Such a great movie. Love seeing all the future talent coming. Seeing David Allen Greer's character reminds me of a character he played on In Living Color (big old breastseses) lol

  14. I forgot what a great movie this was. Hard to say who the bad guy was in this movie, a lot of characters feel into gray areas. The last line is kind of fitting now that we have a black man at the top of the Department of Defense.

  15. Howard Rollins was a great actor. Did great in “in the Heat of the Night” tv series playing Tibbs. But the drugs got him. Unfortunately drugs pouring into this country now like never before. Backed by our government.

  16. This was based on a play, ‘A Soldier’s Play,’ in which Denzel also performed Peterson, and Adolph Caesar also played Waters, on Broadway. I saw the recent one, just before lockdown, with Blair Underwood playing Davenport (won a Tony) and David Alan Grier playing Waters. Fantastic!

  17. Captain Davenport's line to Peterson was the POINT of the whole movie to me when it comes to Black Americans "Who gave you the right to judge? to decide who is fit to be a negro and who is not?" Sergeant Waters hated C.J and felt he and other southern blacks set black people backwards ,and wasn't fit to be a "negro" Peterson despised Waters and thought of Waters as an Uncle Tom that thought he was higher than other blacks and sucked up to whites and he wasn't fit to be a "negro". you see Davenport with a tear going down his cheek because 2 people died meaning C.J who killed himself and Waters was killed by Peterson.Davenport was sad about blacks inner war with each other

  18. I used to and still can do a pretty impression of Sarge. I used to have my homeboys cracking up. What a great movie. David, Robert, Denzel and all the actors we have known over the years.

  19. This was and still is a powerful movie so true to what it means to be black serving in the Army during WWII and those brothers back then were proud to be soldiers!! RIP Howard Rollins Jr. Adolph Ceasar and Larry Riley🙏⭐❤

  20. I find it ironic that the producers of this film, a film that shines a light on racial discrimination, treated their own leading man, a highly talented black actor, Howard Rollins, in a discriminatory and discourteous manner when they offered him a substandard salary of $40,000 [source: Imdb].
    By contrast, a simple search reveals that an equally or less talented white actor in a leading role at the time was earning upwards of $400,000 per movie.

  21. I saw this for the first time when I was in the army back in 1985….this is an excellent movie and all the actors were great… Adolph Caesar won multiple awards as he should have…he was outstanding as Sgt Waters….Rollins was also great and looked cool as s… in those shades..and Denzel before he became a mega star did so well this is probably what really got him goin…supporting cast also gets props…Wings Hauser…Robert Townsend.. David Allen Grier..etc…thanks for uploading this😎👊🏼❤

  22. Shit man ,I do not remember how many times I have walked home like Sarg when I was still going to bars.Driving like that will get somebody killed.I took a cab mostly.

  23. The actor who play's ' Wilkie' has been in a lot of movies and is always top shelf in his acting of the character he is given! This is no exception… Heck, look at the cast in this movie!


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