A Portrait of Poverty in America: Job Insecurity and Payday Lending

Many families in Tchula, Miss., struggle to make ends meet with a patchwork of jobs and high-interest loans. Community leaders and the town’s only bank try to help, but the cycle of despair isn’t easily broken. Photo: Clara Ritger/The Wall Street Journal

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Comment (2,200)

  1. Wow, I know all of the other comments are saying this, but this is so sad. Especially that man at the end. Working four jobs and still not making ends meet. This is America, he should only have to work one job to support himself and his family.

  2. This is so sad this country shouldn't have such extremely poor states people have children and themselves to take care of and I pray somehow someway god makes everything better for these people who are going through these tough times

  3. This is what outsourcing factory jobs gets you. These major corporations are crippling blue collar workers in their own country because they can underpay people in other countries. This is the ugly side of unchecked capitalism.

  4. I hope everyone is ok during Covid… it must be worse there as thr=e foodbank line here in VA is never-ending, at least for hours every Friday. It takes 50+ volunteers.

  5. Please look up to "the Venus project" it offers solution to most of the problems we face today.War, poverty, hunger, starvation, illnesses, crime, deprivation, human suffering can be solved with THE VENUS PROJECT. It offers method to achieve better world

  6. For all those struggling God has a plan for us all. There is nothing He can't turn around, just call upon His Son Yeshua (Jesus Christ). You have a purpose and it will get better.

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  8. 🐑Foreigners are not subjected to this , they would never be able to survive on slave wages of a seperated regulated systems including Africans, Ethopithians, Chinese, etc.

  9. God is in charge

    .Americans are being killed by other Americans, so put military on our streets. Sixty years of genocide.

    Secure our country first, or we are DOOMED.

    The enemies are within folks. Scamdemic.

    Put people to work, and pay everyone $50,000.00 to pay their bills etc. and start working online. If you can give our enemies trillions, you can help Americans help themselves, and shove your mandates, for we are FREE!

    Anyone killing anyone are T.E.D. aka evil demons, and I will not refer to them, by any other name.

    They do not care, that Americans are NOT safe in our own cities.

    We are being sold out by the majority of them.

    When the Americans are thrown on the streets to join the others, then USA will be DOOMED!

    I respect Ahmad Massoud etc. and Chicago has had a genocide for over 60 years, and we need the military on the streets, but with more people being evicted, there will be only two choices.. Keep people in their homes and give every American $50,000.00 to pay their bills, and train to work from home. Shove all your mandates!

    No one wants your death jabs or up your nose death tests. Stop putting poisons on our doors, homes , food, water etc. Stop spying on ordinary people, because we try to warn our fellow Americans, that we have been SOLD to the highest foreign bidders. WTFU America!

  10. I'm gonna tell you like I told someone else… CONGRESS has spent the century trying to protect our payroll and get a decent payday but the LABOR DEPARTMENT can not force anything but the minimum wage 7.25 per hour

  11. My father was in the navy for 20 years. As a family of 6, we struggled most of my childhood until he made Chief Engineer around the time I graduated from high school. I remember my mother at one point racked up about $30,000 in credit card debt. My advice is to try not to have kids when you don't make enough money. Use a condom for god sake!!

  12. I just worked at a 4 million dollar wedding for the Perot Family in Dallas this Saturday. They spent 1 million just on flowers. It made me so sick. These are the wealthy spending our back breaking labor on [email protected]#$ing flowers for one night, rotting in the country club as people struggle to eat and survive. We must wake up and stop serving these cruel Masters.

  13. I currently live and work in Malawi, in between Mozambique and Tanzania, for 15 years. About 65% of the population has to survive from Malawi Kwacha 800 per day, US$1……….

  14. Don't worry everyone, the government and it's agencies are always doing ok. The government and it's agencies are making full-time salaries off poverty in society.

  15. My brother and I were determined to break the family cycle/curse of struggling like this. As soon as we were old enough to enlist we did. Our lives immediately improved and now 20 years later our other family members consider us rich. No we are not rich but we did what no one else in our family wanted to do.

  16. There is only one thing that I don't understand about those types of situations: if you live in the area with the lowest income, or the highest rent in the whole country, then WHY NOT LEAVE? Move to a different state, different city! Save up for a few years and leave!

  17. Blunt reality of life as we are living it…..everything is becoming competitive, one has to to learn to compete in such times. Old methods are not going to work….Having children when one is struggling isn't a smart move either. Almost all call center jobs have gone to India if you ever have to make a phone call via customer support, plenty more are heading their way. It's a country with a massive population and English speaking. Plenty of so called labor jobs are heading there. We have to be competitive no other way around it.

  18. You can tell that someone is poor if they get their bills in the mail. I remember in my 20s I was extremely poor and I got all my bills in the mail but as soon as I started making enough money, I had everything changed over to paperless and automatic so I never saw a bill… it was always taken care of because I had a paycheck to cover it. I don't miss getting those bills in the mail!

  19. Predatory lenders are able to take advantage because they know more than the victim does. FINANCIAL EDUCATION is the answer. MANDATORY, as mandatory as math, english, and science. Why aren't financial education course a part of our K-12 public school curriculums? This is crazy!! You'd be astounded how many people can't reconcile a simple bank statement. Or calculate interest. Understand credit, credit reports, credit scores, savings, retirements, college funds, and on and on and on. It's our financial ignorance that's doing the most damage. AND THAT'S EXACTLY HOW THE BIG CORPORATIONS, BANKS, CREDIT CARD COMPANIES, ETC. LIKE IT!!

  20. My heart goes out to those people.
    I take on their struggling.
    Hard life makes them the best.
    I like their spirit/character/traits/honesty and humility.
    They must be though stuff.
    I just found a new english style. I like their english style.

  21. The number one cause of poverty in the USA is single parenthood.
    Some of the social welfare programs in the USA…
    1) Sec. 8 housing.
    2) Title XX child care
    3) Food stamps
    4) Food banks
    5) Clothing banks
    6) Medicaid- Medicare
    7) Free schooling-where kids can get breakfast and lunch.
    In 1960, the black American single parenthood rate was about 20%. Now it is 72%.
    Between 1964 and now, 17-20 trillion dollars have been used in the social welfare programs. The poverty rate has moved from 17-18% to 13-14%.

  22. Almost every TV commercial and program shows Black families/people enjoying very nice homes, nice clothes, luxury autos, taking trips to exotic destinations, even gambling at resorts. If one believes this representation then "Blacks in poverty" is a lie. If this is a misrepresentation then why aren't people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson publicly refuting this on the grounds that it isn't the truth? If it's either, then what else is untrue about African American life and why should other Americans care?

  23. People say GOD loves everybody and we all created equal sad thing is on this planet poverty is Forever !!! It won't go away until this place and this Made fantasy island called America Destroyed
    One specific people owns everything control everything but yet we all equal but the wealth ain't equal so much more i could say but YT..cry babies had 3 of my channels taking down because the truth pierced they SOUL America swears on the Bible but yet follow not one law in it the real law is the constitution that was ripped up by Demons in FLESH there one politician got black eyeballs you see the demon all those people are pure EVIL.

  24. the real problem is people are given a high school diploma without having any idea how to balance a check book. America doesn’t know how to live in their means. That is all classes.

  25. Homelessness in america is not caused by poverty but mainly by drug abuse and mental health with more then 70% of all homeless people being mentally ill or druggies

  26. Its Capitalism, that has always been the same all around the world. This NEVER happens in Socialism. But the oligarchs-run media in America never tell you the truth. Their goal is to keep the system in place, not change it, and bash Socialism. We need to wait 2,000 years more when people become smart and understand whats going on. Look at the comment below.

  27. We Hebrew isrealites black❣👸🏾🙏🏾 Indian ❣❣blacks ✡ Jews moores ect ect where the 👉Royal famely of yahshua our God and will be📖 Ritch where we are going,our master has a kingdom not of this world already 🙏🏾📖🙏🏾👑👸🏾🧏🏾‍♀️🧑🏿‍🍼⚰🪦⚰❤prepare for his Royal people and not these fake Jesus ✝️followers whom have corrupt the world,👉God hate these Anglo-Saxon decendent of Caine in the Book of genesis Aman🔥🔥🪦⚰

  28. I live in a Pacific Island Country and think my life was worse but looking at this video makes me so sad for the struggles you go through each day. I have so much land and i farm the land to sell my goods in town markets and i can still afford a decent and good island life.
    My prayers to you all out there…Take care and God Bless You All.

  29. My So called black people don't give up.this is how these nasty devils designed their system for us to fail and the enjoyment they get from seeing this.
    But we are a Chosen people.
    A special people.
    Yah is coming with a vengeance against these vile demons and get us..
    We Got Next!!!

  30. as an american, i've honestly gotten used to the extreme poverty right alongside the ostentatious displays of wealth. it really pisses me off, but you know what made my blood boil? learning that Mississippi has the HIGHEST concentration of predatory lenders. because that is just abject cruelty being played in real time

  31. Biden a federal stimulus check would the poor people it can fix all the problem but it would help some come on Joe and congress stop playing games with poor people's life God help us


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