A Mini-Castle, Saved From Ruins, Now Fit for a New King

Architect Jaime Fernández restored a 250-year-old mini-castle from ruins to create a unique home with fossils embedded in the walls. He gives us a tour of Dinton Castle in Buckinghamshire, England, which is for sale for £765,000. Photo: Jimmy Cape for The Wall Street Journal

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Comment (5,252)

  1. Молодец, что восстановил такую красоту, историю! Допотопные античные здания должны возрождаться, должны жить!

  2. Stop having more kids! Do you think this planet needs more humans to take already scarce resources. Why not adopt kids from Africa if u have the money! The house is lovely

  3. A Good Day

    I'm Interested In The Property

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  4. What a waste of money, I would much rather move to America then spend a fortune on British properties. I hate living here, I feel there is just so much more to America and the life there compared to thi boring, limited and trapping British world. L.A compared to Leeds …

  5. This is an Outstanding Achievement and a Fine example, of human ingenuity, skill and persistence. What a Beautiful Edifice! ❤ 💯% ❤ Roland Singh, Canada 🇨🇦

  6. Whatta stunningly, gorgeous home. I wonder if they could possibly build down. If they don't want to necessarily compromise the integrity of the exterior, perhaps they could cleverly get away with digging their way down, so that they can expand their family. I would hate to see them sell a home they put so much thought into.

  7. Looks like it comes with a little chunk of land with those trees, but WHY in these videos of Chateau and Castles is the amount of land WITH the dwelling NEVER MENTIONED???

  8. Oh what a wonderful place to live undisturbed. Designed with creativity and attention to detail. Maybe a bit difficult to heat in winter, but the landlord will certainly have a solution ready.

  9. It is very exceptional someone wanting to keep all the original walls, not whiting everything, congratulations, it is marvelous.

  10. I luv it. I feel like crying, it's so beautiful. Awesome job in restoring it. You can actually see the love. I'd live in it for sure. My son would luv it as well.

  11. Had to check the year this was posted, that is a more than fair asking price really! But makes sense because this was 3 years ago 😅 to bad its probably not on the market anymore, its so gorgeous!

  12. what an awful looking monstrosity that beautiful building became, shame it was cleared to go ahead. I mean tons of "exposed brick work" it doesn't work, they should have used stone and that huge stair case lol what a disaster.


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