A History of NFL Team Moves

With the Rams relocating from St. Louis to Los Angeles this year, WSJ takes a look at NFL franchise moves since 1937.

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Comment (248)

  1. Watching this as a "soccer" fan fascinates me. How the fuck do you move a team? Do fans really do not matter? A "soccer" team named Wimbledon moved from London to Milton Keynes and there were protests till fans of the original club funded a new club to take its rightful place. Do "franchises" care about history?

  2. Apart from leaving out several team moves, there's another error in this video. The Houston Oilers moved to Memphis in 1997, and then to Nashville in 1998, the whole time known as the Tennessee Oilers. They didn't change their name to Titans until 1999.

  3. Cool video, but some weren't even mentioned:

    San Francisco 49ers from San Francisco to Santa Clara in 2014.

    New York Jets and New York Giants did once play in New York, but they now both play in New Jersey.

    The Chargers were in Los Angeles in the first year, but then moved to San Diego immediately. They have been there until this coming season, but I won't hold that against you since obviously this video came out long before the Chargers have now just moved to Los Angeles.

  4. When I saw this I had to click on. Why you say? Because I'm still pissed off they moved my beloved Baltimore Colts!! In the middle of the night no less!! I'm pissed off at the Hall of Fame also. Where is #32 Mike "Mad Dog" Curtis?!! I think it's because of the time Curtis knocked that drunk fan on his ass. In the middle of a game this dude runs onto the field, grabs the ball and keeps running. Curtis puts his shoulder into the guy and fan, ball and glasses go flying. It's on youtube. Very funny.

  5. i hope bud adams is burning a slow death in hell. the texans should be the houston oilers, but that piece of trash wouldn't relinquish the oiler brand back to the city of houston, like art modell did for the city of cleveland when they got awarded an expansion

  6. a lot of things factor into why teams move from city to city. the reason the houston oilers moved to tennessee was based on safety issues and the fact that their contract to play in the astrodome was expiring. as far as i know, bud adams still owns the team.

  7. The Browns never moved to Baltimore. Art Modell was able to keep the players but as deal with Cleveland the city kept the history and the name. So basically the Baltimore Ravens were an expansion team and the Browns were seen by the NFL as a suspended team for a few seasons.

  8. Cleveland Rams 1945 NFL champions
    Cleveland Browns 1946 AAFC champions
    Cleveland Browns 1947 AAFC champions
    Cleveland Browns 1948 AAFC champions (and undefeated)
    Cleveland Browns 1949 AAFC champions
    Cleveland Browns 1950 NFL champions
    Cleveland Browns 1951 American Conference champions
    Cleveland Browns 1952 American Conference champions
    Cleveland Browns 1953 Eastern Conference champions
    Cleveland Browns 1954 NFL champions
    Cleveland Browns 1955 NFL champions
    Cleveland Browns 1957 Eastern Conference champions
    Cleveland Browns 1964 NFL champions
    Cleveland Browns 1965 Eastern Conference champions
    Cleveland Browns 1967 Division champions
    Cleveland Browns 1968 Division champions
    Cleveland Browns 1969 Division champions
    Cleveland Browns 1971 Division champions

  9. Lots of older moves they didn't mention – but 1961 L.A. Chargers to San Diego – ( ha just to return) 1962 the Dallas Texans to Kansas City to become the Chiefs etc.- the 1920 Decatur Staleys to Wrigley Field to become the Chicago Staleys – then Bears

  10. Lots of older moves missed. Cards started out in Racine an moved to Chicago around 100 years ago. Bears moved from Decatur to Chicago a few years after that. Portsmouth Spartans became Detroit Lions. Skins started out in Duluth and moved several times. Moved from DC to Largo in 1997. Niners moved south in 2013. Pats moved in 1971 or so.

  11. You left out the Portsmouth Spartans moving to Detroit in 1934, becoming the Detroit Lions.

    You also left out the Dallas Texans moving to Kansas City in 1963, thus becoming the Chiefs.

  12. Technically, the Browns did not move to Baltimore. The Baltimore Ravens are considered a new franchise and the new Cleveland Browns are considered a continuation of the old Cleveland Browns.

  13. The NY football Yankees became the Baltimore Colts. B4 that the Brooklyn football Dodgers/Tigers became the Boston Yankees. The video didn't mention it in the video.


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