A Fashion Show with Fashions

Sheree races the clock as the who’s who of Atlanta prepares to attend She by Sheree’s fashion show. Marlo attempts to repair her damaged relationship with her mother. Sanya makes a life and family-altering decision.

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  1. Sheree's Fashion Show Venue and Logo is really well done! When it comes to Sheree's taste level in aesthetic she has a great eye, also she looked amazing. I am happy she told Tyrone off, that was inexcusable, he should had said sorry or something along that line. Lastly I'm glad Marlo and her mother got to talk that a tough subject to lay bare for the entire world to see, this felt really real and I hope that they can reconnect. Oh yeah, and Congratulations 🎉 Confetti 🎊 for Kenya! That had to have been an amazing moment, truly happy for her.

  2. It so weird that Kandi doesn't trust her own HUSBAND with her estate, if she were to pass 🙃 for the first time, I really feel bad for Todd. That's got to be emasculating and infuriating

  3. I totally understand how a Sanya fell in love with Ross. He is my favorite husband on here now. He reminds me of the kind of my my grandfather was. They don’t make many like that anymore. If it’s for TV then it’s just good to see!


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