A Day in the Life in the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Residency Program

From training and caring for patients to celebrating a special bond with a diverse team, find out what life is like as a resident with the Johns Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine. #HopkinsResidency #JohnsHopkins

Learn more about the program at http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/emergencymedicine/residency/ .

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  1. I am a college freshman. My current dream is to become a neurosurgeon. In four years I will update you guys on the medical school I got into. In another four, the specialty I chose. In another four, whether I feel fulfilled. At the end of my journey, I will be at least 31 as I am 19 now. Hopefully my passion bears fruit that will change the world.

  2. Hello ! I am 13 years old ,I would love to be a doctor in ER but I keep thinking of people who will be my responsibility. so sometimes I hesitate about it 😔
    Any advices ?

  3. What an absolutely unrealistic and romantic view om EM medicine, regards an actual EM doctor. Real life is more like waking up at 4 am on night float to a nurse paging you about a patient's glucose being high. Then going home after 3 hours of sleep and not seeing your children, whom you haven't seen since last morning, at 3 o clock in the afternoon 30 hours later.

    I appreciate that people look up to and respect doctors. But the waking up early, putting on your coat, getting coffee, getting some supervision and then going to have a drink with the crew? This isn't real life and it's disingenous to lull young people into believing it is.

  4. Unpopular opinion :- leaving real life and just talking about tv shows House Md is way better than Grey's anatomy. Don't @ me 😂
    Edit – I'm just saying this cause literally half of the comment section is filled with Grey's anatomy (fans ig)
    Edit 2:- also to all the future doctors all the best and a big thankyou to each and every doctor for always taking care of other human beings first ❤️

  5. How times have changed. When I was applying to EM my professors all asked me why, some even sneered. Now apparently it has become so competitive I wonder If I'd have been able to match lol.

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  11. Our education ministry of Bangladesh he obtained masters of public health degree from John Hopkins University she completed MBBS degree from Dhaka medical 🚑 College it is 5 years undergraduate course

  12. Shoutout to everyone working towards their dreams! I’m just starting my bachelors and hoping to come back and share good news in a few years. Good luck to everyone and God bless😊

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