7.1 earthquake shakes Southern California 1 day after magnitude 6.4 quake | ABC7

A powerful 7.1 earthquake shakes Southern California one day after magnitude 6.4 quake in Ridgecrest

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  1. Lord God Almighty,
    I pray that in the name of Jesus, please take delight in Your land. Forgive the land’s sin, and the people’s.
    Protect us, and be a fast witness against the sorcerers, adulterers, oppressors.
    Protect the poor, please shelter and feed them. Your Word is good. May all the residents walk in Your law and please lengthen everyone’s days. Keep everyone’s life and rid us out of the hand of the wicked.
    I plead the blood of Jesus over this land, nation and I pray for Donald Trump.
    Please bless everyone.
    Amen in Jesus Christ most precious name.❤️

  2. Could someone acknowledge the fact that these earthquakes are occurring on a 250 square mile volcanic field called the Coso Volcanic Field in Inyo County. People should at least consider this.The Navy base is on top of this as is Little Lakes. Last estimate on an eruption in this region was 11,000 years ago.

  3. Relax just elect a democrat and instead of giving them half your money give them all your money they can stop a billion years of climate change and while they relax stop earthquakes!

  4. My son gifted ( Christmas) us with backpacks prepare for a disaster.
    A mini portable stove.
    Need to Replenish a few things.
    Always a Good pair of walking shoes.
    Beef jerky.
    A small first aide kit.
    For starters

  5. Dutchsinse made USGS AND LUCY JONES look foolish once again.
    You can’t keep denying his ability to forecast earthquakes. You have tried to shut him down NUMEROUS times.

    He proven himself thousands of times. You keep denying over greed and arrogance. Pride goeth before a fall.

    Watch DUTCHSINSE in YouTube for TRUTH.

  6. Dutchsense predicted this 12 hours before it happened. Watch him on YouTube. Lucy Jones is a liar, she works for the USBS.

  7. California has always been a hot spot for faults shifting and growing was there in the 70's and late 80's for the major ones but its been at least 30 years since this kind of major quake activity in such a small area with cluster after shocks , sadly think there is a even bigger one on the way : god bless and stay safe my mom live in paso robles and have son and grandkids in cali . they reported no cracks yet usgs confirmed ground cracks hmmm

  8. 1700 after shocks report by USGS since Thursday's fore shock 5.4 than 6.1 then 7.1 they seem to be getting bigger and more violent wow been a long time since these kind of clusters stay safe in cali

  9. Hey abc 7 I don’t know if your going to reply but I have a video that you might like do please follow me it’s on my YouTube channel and I tagged you In it @abc 7

  10. MISS your earthquake DRUM ABC… see if you can get CalTech to repair their end.. A entire group of drum followers want the drum back.

  11. I was in Ridgecrest at the time and felt like a 7.7 i got my dog and got the hell out of there later in Pasadena i was asleep and a 6.9 quake rumbled my bed it was so terrifying i will never forget

  12. BULLSHIT!!! The 10 largest earthquakes that have happened within the last 30 years (1990-2020) in CALIFORNIA ONLY are:

    1) April 4, 2010: 7.2 Easter Sunday U.S./Mexico Border Earthquake
    2) These two were magnitude 7.1
    A. October 16, 1999 in 29 Palms/Barstow, Hector Mine Explosion
    B. July 5, 2019 in Ridgecrest
    3) January 17, 1994: 6.7 in Northridge
    4) December 22, 2003: 6.6 in San Simeon
    5) All these were Magnitude 6.5
    A. April 26, 1992 in Cape Mendocino
    B. June 28, 1992 in Big Bear
    C. January 9, 2010 in Eureka
    6) July 4, 2019: 6.4 in Ridgecrest (the main foreshock to the July 5, 2019 7.1 earthquake)
    7) April 22, 1992: 6.3 in Joshua Tree
    8) August 24, 2010: 6.0 in South Napa
    9) July 29, 2008: 5.8 in Chino Hills (The 5.5 number that is being thrown out is a giant lie and WAS NOT LEGITIMATE. It felt like all 5.8)
    10) February 28, 1990: 5.7 in Upland

    I have lived the Northridge, 29 Palms/Barstow, Baja California, and Ridgecrest earthquakes in order to tell this tale.


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