60 Years of Human Spaceflight: Launching The First American into Space

Sixty years ago, on May 5, 1961, NASA astronaut Alan Shepard Jr. launched on the Freedom 7 mission, powered by a Mercury-Redstone rocket to become the first American in space. Shepard’s flight lasted 15 minutes, 22 seconds. He later made it to the Moon on Apollo 14.

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  1. It's been so ling since we have done some really big thing, last one was landing man on moon, next, in my lifetime, i would be lucky enough to witness yet another accomplishment.

  2. We will always remember those who have contributed to human spaceflight. 100 years later or even 1000 years later, mankind on the Moon, Mars and other planets in the universe will give thanks to our era.

  3. 8 years later and we land the first man on the Moon. Now we're about to reach the 52nd anniversary of Apollo 11 with no greater achievement in manned spaceflight since then to show for it

  4. Great video and a great achievement that was achieved back then. Even if you have to consider that Yuri Gagarin made a whole trip around Earth and Alan Shepard only made a small trip into space.

  5. Hats off to elon musk for reviving this beautiful feeling of space exploration in our hearts. Its such a shame that till someone like elon musk had to intervene . Humanity was born on earth but was never destined to die on earth 🌎

  6. Not even 10 years later, on Feb. 4, 1971, Alan Shepard set foot on the Moon as the Commander of Apollo 14. Many will remember the impeccable golf swing that he displayed while on the lunar surface, Shepard struck two golf balls, driving the second, as he jokingly put it, "miles and miles and miles".

  7. Freedom 7 was not really that big of a deal. If anything it was an achievement for Nasa, but definetly not history and, in my opinion, overrated. Similar to Explorer 1, the mission was neither the first of its kind nor did it perform better than others before. Im not saying it was a waste of money or something, its just overrated.

  8. Russia still beat us bc the US government killed Jack Parsons. Never forget. We had the first Rocket scientist ever but we didn't make it to space first bc that Rocket scientist was blacklisted by our government and most likely killed by them…I have a love hate relationship with NASA to this day bc they stole all Jack Pearson's work and ideas but didn't credit him. During an apollo mission they quietly named a crater after him….on the dark side of the moon….symbolically accurate which the occult side of Parson's would have loved….the world will remember Marvel Whiteside Parsons eventually…

  9. Incredible bravery to get atop a ballistic missile and get blasted of into the unknown. It inspired President Kennedy enough to lay down the challenge to land a man on the moon before the end of the decade. Phenomenal! 🚀

  10. Dear NASA you may continue to flourish as humanity advances in the field of science. You are always my dream and inspiration I'm always watching and never seizes to be amazed by all your achievements. Highest honor to all people who perish in the name of science to contribute to the better world we have today. God speed America! Always watching, love from the Philippines!

  11. I don't know why I'm crying. This has been my dream since childhood. We are all just a tiny piece of the world.
    I'm still curious what it feels to be in space. Seeing the horizon.
    The beauty of earth in its entirety. <3

  12. Hey NASA, I've wanted to be an astronaut since I was 8 years old. Do I still have a chance to go up into space? I'm only 65 in good health with a BSEE and have worked as spacecraft digital communications engineer. Seriously, I'd go into space in a heartbeat.

  13. All astronauts, from every country, are incredibly brave. But IMHO, those who go up first in their country's rockets are the bravest of all. They should all be remembered by everyone everywhere for having equal bravery.
    Thanks for this fitting memory of Alan Shepard. It would be of great interest if you could do something similar for the other countries to have sent their own rockets and people.

  14. I'm glad that the words American were included in the video as anyone interested in space exploration know that the US weren't the first ones into space. I don't wish to take anything away from NASA and the work carried out by Wernher von Braun but the US do like to try and convince the world that they are the only achievers and players in the space race 😉.

  15. 今天中國太空科技突飛猛進同時惹來不少國家和一些人各種惡意抹黑,詆毀及批評,這些批評及抹黑最喜歡諷刺或嘲笑中國今天太空科技成就是美俄兩國幾十年前過期科技及產品,中國人太空成就根本沒什麼了起有什麼好吹棒和誇耀。確實今天中國人任何太空科技或產品可能是俄美兩國幾十年前已經擁有過,但問題如果今天中國沒有強大太空科技實力和雄厚工業力量,就算美俄太空科技或產品過了幾十年後也不會在今天自動降低身價,這是誰先誰後的問題,而是國家綜合實力問題,今天中國人能够獨立自主參與國際太空發展事業就是中國人非常了不起成就。大家只要回顧上世紀 1900 年中國,當時中國清朝末期被西方國家「八國聯軍」打入北京,侵略者有英、美、俄、日、意、奧、德、法等八個國家,侵略者進入北京城後大規模殺人放火,奸淫擄掠,無法無天,這些西方侵略者還在紫禁城內操兵,當時西方侵略者踏在中國人頭上橫行覇道。一百多年之後今天西方國家真的幸再遇到中國對手讓他們手足無操恐懼,因為百多年前美國是侵略過中國侵略者之一,當時中國軍事,科技和工業力量非常薄弱所以任人漁肉受害國。但今天中國能與百多年前美國侵略者在太空事業平起平坐,美國人再是全球唯一話事人,而且美國為首西方民主詐騙集團民主制度再是人類世界唯一富裕制度,因為中國社會主義制度也能讓人民富裕,那麼西方民主詐騙集團政治騙子再不能說民主制度和高科技比其他制度優越用來詐騙全地球人,當全世界人類再不相信西方國家各種優越謊言鬼話,等於騙子失去了詐騙別人能力,西方國家詐騙集團政治騙子能生存嗎?

    今天地球上所有中國人(包括海外,港澳臺三地)有沒有想過今天中國人幸福生活是得來易,是經過歷代中國人祖祖輩輩斷流血犧牲打出來,確實中國人民族尊嚴是打出來,而是像今天一群愚昧無知民主愚民只會上街遊行示威就以為可以喊出民族尊嚴來太天真幼稚。回顧中國人民族尊嚴是在什麼時候消失沒有,應該是英國侵略中國鴉片戰爭後,中國人在 1842 年被迫與英國人簽定平等南京條約,被迫割讓中國領土香港給英國殖民統治和開放通商港口和地方。隨後其他西方殖民國家向英國學習使用武力脅迫中國與他們簽定各種平等條約,從始中國人民族尊嚴和命運能獨立自主掌控著,中國人悲慘歷史從始開始。中國在鴉片戰爭打敗後,中國漸漸陷入內憂外患境地,國家各處出現不少反清組織和人士,而西方列強斷在中國領土橫行霸道搞勢力瓜分。當時日本人經過明治维新漸漸成為工業國家後,日本也向西方國家學習侵略中國,當 1894 年中日發生甲午戰爭,中國龐大北洋艦隊被日本打敗,中國被迫與日本簽定平等條約,被迫割讓中國領土臺灣省給日本殖民統治。1900年中國清朝末期西方國家「八國聯軍」侵略北京,他們有英、美、俄,日、意、奧、德、法等八個侵略者國家,他們進城後大規模殺人放火,奸淫擄掠,最後中國與八國聯軍簽定平等條約賠償巨款,從始中國人經濟命脈被西方人牢牢控制著,中國人民族尊嚴更進一步沒有了。當1911年孫中山帶領推翻中國清朝政權後,中國國民黨政權誕生執政,同時中國陷入四分五裂軍閥割據年代。當1917年全世界第一個共產主義國家蘇聯誕生(俄羅斯)後不久,中國共產黨在1921年成立。隨後國共第一次合作消滅中國各地軍閥勢力統一中央管治,由於國民黨害怕共產黨勢力坐大威脅管治,所以引發國共兩黨反目,國民黨要全面封殺共產黨各地勢力,所以共產黨被迫開展二萬五千里長征逃避國民黨殲滅。當1937年日本發動全面侵華戰爭後,國民黨並不願意與共產黨合作抗日,但後來發生了脅持人質「西安事變」,最後國共兩黨達成第二次合作全面抗日。當1945年日本被打敗投降,中國八年抗日勝利後久,國共兩黨不和矛盾引發內戰爆發,國民黨被人民拋棄打敗逃去臺灣省,而中國共產黨接管中國,1949年由中國共產黨建立中華人民共和國誕生



  16. time is only a factor of value for mankind. you limit your mind by limiting your thinking to the speed of light. think further

  17. The book of Silvye brown "End of Days" which predicted coronavirus will happen in 2020……..also predicted that in year 2050, all the waste that Humans(NASA) have left in space will return to earth in form of meteor shower and will damage the topography of Earth…..thats strange & scary

  18. The book of Silvye brown "End of Days" which predicted coronavirus will happen in 2020……..also predicted that in year 2050, all the waste that Humans(NASA) have left in space will return to earth in form of meteor shower and will damage the topography of Earth…..thats strange & scary

  19. Immortal are astronauts of Vostok, Mercury-redstone, Gemini, Apollo, Voskhod, Energia, Space Shuttle and all other missions in our 60 years history and our infinite future, let’s go!


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