6 Souls

Julianne Moore stars in this haunting thriller about a psychiatrist who finds herself in grave danger as she unravels a mystery involving a patient with multiple personalities.

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  1. Other than the volume being too low, a pretty good movie. Didn't really figure out what was going on till towards the end, but that's a good thing. Always liked Juliane Moore. She's one of our great, underrated actresses of our time. She doesn't get the notoriety she deserves. All the actors were good, even the little girl. You have to stick with this one and you'll eventually see what it's about. Worth the watch. I recommend it. Thanks You Tube!

  2. the little girl would have believed in God her spirit would have came back but since she didn't the other one did I believe that if she would have allowed him to see her body she would have had a chance to get her soul back also

  3. Music is totally scary. I jumped out of my chair a few times! I think poor people are scary. It seems like they came from hell to earth to spread fear, hate, anger and destruction. That is what is happening today in our world. All these evangelicals, uncivilized mongrels feel they have "power" in the GOP to bring hell to earth by destroying our democracy, disrupting normal behavior in politics, violence if they don't get their way. Domestic terrorists instilling terror into the rest of our normal country. Racist White Supremacists DO NOT have a message of a loving Jesus and his angels.

  4. Good flick needs louder sound and subtitles that keep up wit movie… How come the daughters eyes didn't get all gooey like everybody else's that's the only thing that kind of struck me weird


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