50 Insane Facts About Russia You Didn’t Know

There’s more to Russia than Putin and vodka. Check out today’s epic countdown of 50 insane facts about Russia you never knew before!

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  1. krasnaya ploshyad = Red Square in Russian. (Красная площадь)
    Never once have I heard "krasny"(masculine) nor "krasnaya"(feminine)
    used any other way.
    The root of the word as in "krasivaya" could mean someone is beautiful (Красивая)
    Or "a beauty" = "krasavyitsa" (Красавица)

    Or even "the beauty [of a thing]" = "krasota" (Красота)

    The word for The "Red" Square in Russian most definitely refers to the color RED. And the building… Well it's very much Red in color.

    Not sure where you guys at infographics get your Russian sources, but this isn't actually the first time I've caught an incorrect translation.
    Maybe the same person who teaches you pronunciation LOL
    I'm just playing 😂 Honestly tho it's Yuri Gagarin (not GagariAn)

  2. Typical Communist/socialist actions. Tell everyone you need to overthrow the tyranny of the government just to get into power and be 100x as tyrannical and evil. That's all they have ever done when in power. The elite have hoards of food and tell all the citizens to sacrifice and work together "we're all in this together" such bs.

  3. I don't know about best selling, but it sure was distributed and given as a promo a bunch, those are tainted numbers, I mean who actually went out and purchased Tetris or was it more played because it was there and came with the system.

  4. Did you know that Russia saved the world before 1983 on October 27th 1962, The story is basically About A Soviet submarine near the carabien
    And Americans decided to throw a fake bomb I think to get the submarine off, but the submarine had no connection to the outside world for days and thought a war had already began, so they they decided to fire a torpedo at them
    But for that they need promission from Three senior officers two of them decided to fire the torpedo,
    But the third one "Vallisoper" I don't know if I spelled his name wrong, to not to fire the torpedo, and that decision saved the world.

  5. I always dreamed to travel all of trans-siberian railway especially at winter, so sad that things turned out in our wold the way they did, i hope everything will end asap without more escalation…

  6. I’ve watched videos on the highest death toll of serial killers and never heard of those women being mentioned. Nothing like generating hate for Russia anyway you can hey Infographics.

  7. @22:00 – So what happens if a person with a spider tattoo for still being active becomes inactive? Do they change the tattoo somehow by drawing over it?

  8. You have Old Info about Vodka, things have changed since the depression in the 90’s sure people drank a lot to lose consciousness, because the world they knew was falling apart and they lost everything they ever lived for in a snap of a finger… things have changed since then.

  9. "Avoid the gangs"

    Bert Kreischer: HUH, WHAT?! Was that "avoid" or "befriend, help them rob my classmates and become a legend among russian criminals for decades to come known only as The Machine??"

  10. Your thumbnail character has the same tattoo that i have that I received fews years ago while in the army after helping them smuggle guns across my country.

    “You are nothing without tattoo”

    And the gift that i earned from them were the same tattoos

  11. Russia is a hellhole, this is coming from someone who fled communism and corruption. No country that’s set up like Russia can succeed, that’s why I don’t worry about china.

  12. Here's an idea: what if car makers traded models? Lol like a Nissan Civic, Honda 240z.. sure it doesn't make much sense, but it can really interesting!

  13. There is no reason for anyone to starve to death when food is all around you. If need be you can eat dirt! You can eat grass, weeds, bugs, and even eat moss and lichens. Go out and watch what other animals eat and then do the same, simple.

  14. Calling russia a “developed country” is a nice pun. Their looter army is amazed by the fact Ukrainian villagers have ceramic toilets in their houses 😂

  15. Funnily enough, in my native culture it used to be considered a nad move too, to leave empty bottles/glasses on the table. We still have the ritual of swirling bottles exaggeratedly when they're nearly empty to signal to the "host" that a new one would be welcomed… Guests are considered a blessing upon a house, so even when they indicate that they're leaving reasons for staying are generally offered (games, additional drinks and fried food or a comfortable room to stay the. night). Americans might see it all as excessive generousnes, but it's mostly done to foster stonger community, …

  16. Number 1 is great but what about the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vasili Arkhipov's decision to not launch nukes from their sub? That has to be near #1??!

  17. russia treated soviet countries as subhuman even if they did fight for and defend and grow all their food,even still today most of russia's parts and goods come from ukraine where they're attacking


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