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  1. Does anyone that loves her videos have a hard time finding places to try out this kind of camping where they live? Isn't every piece of land owned by someone or is she in like national forests?

  2. Hi Eva
    I like your adventures, following your videos.
    Get a good comfortable new car so you can do your job, and recovery from the trip, so you feel 👍 for the next day to drive.

  3. You just an inspiration follow your dreams keep up the good work I like your videos have a good rest for your family can't wait for your next videos next trip have a lovely Christmas take care

  4. Amazing! I love it! I travel 270 plus days a year for work. I live on the road and love it! I do fly a lot and would rather drive. Why? Because that is traveling! Travel does not mean vacation to me, it means exploring, adventuring and being spontaneous!!! You do such a great job of becoming part of the area you're in. Keep up the great content!

  5. When you got stuck with the transmission problem, I loved how you turned a negative situation into a positive situation. I love channels like this because I can see things I'll probably never see in person and you make me feel like I'm there. Much respect and look forward to the next one.

  6. Ok, so the defender will break down now and then but every time it does you will have an adventure and a story. So long as it does not drain your resources too much rock on. It is very cool. Michael from Ireland

  7. I would not ask because i want it to be suspenseful,just loved your lifestyle as a vlogger.I just picture myself like its me traveling.More power and be safe as usual.

  8. I believe you should be able to sit upright in the back of a Defender (if you are not a giant), at least I already saw some people that could do it in their setup.
    Maybe there is something to do on the height of your sitting bench, or thickness of cushion or even the thickness of your roof isolation but that should be a point possible to improve in your Defender.

  9. You remind me of me when i was younger but unfortunately my world was smaller and though i would have loved to have travelled i had too many commitments. I so enjoy your enthusiasm in all that you do and im living my youth again in your world. Thank you Eva i think you are so brave and you have a good heart and mind. This new phase next year sounds exciting and im so looking forward to being there 🙂 Take care and walk away from the cows lol

  10. Nice one Eva. Great breakdown and analysis of experiences so far and of future travel plans. Look forward to sharing them with you, take care. xx

  11. This on teaser looks like Bolivia, Chile or other countries in South America. If that is true I can’t wait to see it from your eyes and adventures in your style. Great work Eva, just keep it in that way 😊

  12. eva you need to check this youtube video. an amazing LR conversion:
    land rover defender ultimate camper conversion
    errol wright

    perfect for your trip to the new word 😉

    roof top tent (sitting upright + sleepng) & awning! (like a tent surounding the LR totally) 🤓

  13. EVA: Get yourself a Coleman 2 burner camp stove. I have mine since 1977, and it works perfectly. No more gas bottles! Fuel is "White Gas–too expensive, I use kerosene readily available world wide. It will also run on pump gas as well as diesel. I also suggest either a Renogy or Redarc DC-D charger. I have a 60Amp renogy which was $219.99. about 1/3 the cost of the redarc and 20 Amps more. that will keep your Jackery charged. Everything breaks down regardless of make. Enjoy your Defender. Are you headed to south America for the Pan American Highway?

  14. Eva ~ Absolutely love your videos, the way you travel, the places you choose to visit and the way you narrate the stories 💖 Hope you visit the southern part of India soon and land in Chennai to cover the most Beautiful & Rural places of Tamil Nadu 🤗 You are living the way I have been dreaming to live & I'm waiting to see you in person 😍

  15. Sounds like your off to do the pan american, and Feb start says starting in Argentina.
    Get a roof conversion! will be €10,000 but that rooftop tent feeling with headroom as well – for a multi year trip you'll be thankful of it almost every day.

  16. Fantastic video as always. Your videos inspire to get out there and explore. I want you to know that Jesus loves you, He died on the cross for all of our sins, He was buried and resurrected on the 3rd day, repent and fully surrender to Him. Keep on exploring the beautiful world that God created and be safe!

  17. Beside busy and frustared life your adventure type journey putting me to be like in a dreamland. Life is a journey as well. And someday somewhere it has to be an end of it. So be happy and be blessed at all.💐

  18. What I think you should do is ship your truck over to Canada then go across our awsome country then criss the us with the end goal being the tip of south america Quite a few vanlife couples have done and loved the experience Look upMax n Lee i think what they showcased on thier channel is the same style that yolu showcase true nature And you would be carrrying on Lees legacvy as so took her life this past March I do think that the two of you would have become great friends if you had meet Love your channel

  19. Ohhhh myyyyy goodnesss Eva, did u say Brazil in 2022 or the Oceania? Plzzzz check my late msg to u on your insta!!! I mentioned some details about exploring the Islands of the Pacific with Aust and NZ together. Then, you'll have me here a tour guide, a bodyguard, a cooker for all that time since we are talking about my "mother lands" – Samoa, NZ, then to Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji and so on. What do u think?? Or if you want to come to Brazil, Sth America where I am right now, then let's do it!!!

  20. Eva's 2022 travel plan: if you're going to learn "the language" and travel for more than a year (if I heard it right), then my guess is you're going to Central and/or South America. That's the only continent with multiple countries that use the same language … Spanish. (except for Brazil using Portuguese and a few more)

  21. Oh she's definitely going to Latin America! Eva you'll love it there! I did only a very small 4×4 trip in Bolivia with a local guide and it's my favourite travel experience I've ever done in my life.

  22. I can't believe it has been 4 months since I stumbled upon your channel. Looking back, my mental health wasn't so great back then, with all the travel restrictions I was isolated to just being at home.

    Watching your videos made me courageous and trully the world belongs to the brave. Been to different places as well in the last 4 months. Currently saving up for something big and be able to travel more freely <3 <3.

  23. Love your adventures, love your ‘truck’, love the way you present things. I’m really looking forward to your next big trip. We already know it will never be boring! Stay safe, Eva.

  24. Might there be a smidge of buyer's regret with the Landrover Defender? Could be. That doesn't suggest however you shouldn't continue on this journey, I don't think anyone would suggest that.


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