3D Printed Snowcat on Sand – Will it Survive?

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  1. Your time should be considered a cost. This is the hardest thing for many entrepreneur-types to understand and figure into plans. Selling something "at cost" should feed you.

  2. I've driven quads in sand for years living here in Oregon. Doesn't matter what you have whether plastic or hardened steel it will get worn out. Sand eats up everything over time. No way around it. Just have to keep extra parts.

  3. This is crazy cool.

    I was one of the people who asked for sand performance (even though I'm not in on the KS-backing).
    I'm looking forward to seeing this fully finished with a rack on top for mounting cameras and other stuff.

    If you really want to seal up the axle holes in the body, maybe you can try out something like the principle from RC boats and submarines.
    As far as I can tell, it's basically grease inside a pipe where the axle runs through – and a fine tolerance between the internal diameter of the pipe and the axle.

  4. I really really need this I live at the moment where no snow is but I'm moving 3p hours away to South Dakota witch half the time is snow so pls let me get one

  5. With the 3d printed body, I wonder if you could seal it with a heat gun or flame burnishing somehow, or maybe a varnish seal? Either way it's just as much work, but hey, could be an option? I honestly don't know lol

  6. I love it, I can think of quite a few things to build on top of the Chasey that looks so fun. I just don't have anyone with a printer. So I guess I just have to pass. Even though fire that would be great ! I'm in California and we have a ton of fires. If you have in one of the kits with everything you need, then I might just get one. Thanks again for the video and information about this thing.

  7. I've also had problems with standoffs breaking on 2d printed parts snapping off. I found that changing the transition from a 90 degree angle to a curve makes a huge difference in the probability of them breaking off.

  8. When I first started watching this series I thought, this is so amazing! but felt sad, because i didn't own a 3D printer and wouldn't be able to print the rest of the parts required. But it turns out i recently purchased an Ender 3 v2, so who knows, maybe i can buy one of the kits when they become available.

  9. Such an awesome project Daniel.
    Each time you mentioned "At Cost" I was thinking.. How is he managing to do this..
    When you finally hit us with the " this is Capitalism baby ! " it made me smile.
    You've been working hard ! Definitely get paid for it !

  10. I use a modified FTX Kanyon as a long range FPV Exploerer vehicle, would like to try your snow cat, will have to see what the price ends up at, I do a lot of 3d printing too 👍

  11. I wonder why this dude need so much time to upload content. I guess it depend by the music, it's ready or not to insert in this content 🤣. Keep update your progress, we waiting it

  12. Put sealed bearings to go over the axles and the outside of the chasis to hopefully help keep sand out and them bearing sealed bearings should hold up well hopefully

  13. Sorry if I missed it.
    But what is your projected price for these once you're ready to sell?
    Will you sell through a resource other than Kickstarter?
    … EDIT: OOPS! I had paused the video right before you described the answer to those questions. (sorry)
    Nice work man! Keep it up!

  14. IDEA ABOUT SAND. I've seen a ring shaped set of brush bristles around the axels of a machine that runs on sand. It kept the sand out, so maybe worth experimenting with something like that.

  15. Love this project! If you end up putting FPV gear on consider using a 3 axis gimbal to stabilize the camera. Also it'll take care of the pan and tilt functions. I've had good results with the storm32 brushless gimbal controller. Lots of fun! Cheers, will be keeping an eye on this project for sure, tanks are just too fun.

  16. That is looking great. 🙂👍
    I was wondering if some rubber grommets like they put around wires in cars would be able to stop stuff getting in around the axles?
    Shame I don't have the space for one, I'd buy it. 👍


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