Bhishma Ek Akela | Tamil Hindi Full Dubbed Movie | Vijay, Devayani, Suriya


SYNOPSIS: A man values his best friend more than anything else in the world. One day he confesses a dark secret from their childhood to his wife, which is overheard by another. Once the secret gets out, the friendship is destroyed.Director: SiddiqueProducer: Sajid QureshiStar Cast: Vijay, Suriya, Ramesh Khanna, Vadivelu, Devayani.Written By: SiddiqueFilm Title: FRIENDSMusic By: IlaiyaraajaCinematography: AnandakuttanEdited By: T. R. Shekar, K. R. GowrishankarProduction Company: Swargachitra#BhishmaEkAkela, #Friends,For your favorite Bollywood Movies, Subscribe now: SUBSCRIBE for the best Bollywood clips, movies and scenes, all in your PEN Multiplex channel your favorite Gujarati Movies, Subscribe now: Daily Bollywood news & gossips subscribe our channelsBTNews Hindi: Bollywood Times: Download our App for latest news & gossips: On To Our Official Website : & stay connected with us! Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram:


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