FRIED MILK. a dessert that would revive the GODS (CC)


Written recipe:…Easy and inexpensive cooking recipes and desserts. Rich dinners: How to make fried milk. Recipe homemade and easy. Fried milk basically consists of that. Battered and fried milk. Previously, the milk is treated to thicken and to make it taste delicious. In the end it remains as a sweet nugget. It’s really something delicious to do. A simple and delicious fast food and easy to make at home that sure triumphs at parties and for children.Do not miss ideas to prepare quick salty dishes for lunches and dinners!LONG LIVE THE KITCHEN!********************************************** ********************If you like these videos and the easy and fast cooking you can follow me in the different social networks in which I am:SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL: (page): (personal): +: Gorka Barredo********************************************** ********************INGREDIENTS for 2 people:- 500ml of milk- 250ml of milk + 80g of cornstarch- lemon and orange peel- 1 cinnamon stick- 3 egg yolks- 100g of sugar- vanilla- 20g of butter- flour and eggs to coat- sugar and cinnamon powder- Oil********************************************** ********************Song: Life of riley by Kevin MacLeod is subject to a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)Source:…Artist:


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