2016 United Nations Year in Review

2016 – the hottest year on record – and another year of challenges for the United Nations. The Year in Review 2016 presents the key moments around the globe during the past 12 months.


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  1. I wish in the future I could work for the United Nations. I researched on their website and it says that only those with a degree can apply for jobs but I am a freshman in high school.

  2. As a citizen of a country in the EU zone. I would like the UN to look at the refugee laws and conventions. They should spearhead an effort to fund and build permanent refugee camps in the near regions of Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. The large surge of migrants have imported the problems from their home countries and we see the disregard of national laws and the persecution of other minorities in our countries. We have seen Jews needing extra protection and we have seen different Muslim minorities of going after each other and people of other faiths. A lot of the migrants that come to Europe are from regions and countries where there is no war and food crisis. The countries were they come from refuse to take these people back, when they break the laws in their host countries. These opportunists take up a lot of resources, that could be used for real refugees and sufferers of the droughts. Currently in Europe we see the beginning of violent culture clashes because of a small minority within the migrants, that doesn't want to follow National laws or learn the national languages. The problem is not that the people within the countries wouldn't help the refugees, but little to no effort is done to stem the flow of unchecked migration, we also see the rise of nationalism, which could end up spreading the wars the new regions in the world. A better enforcement of countries taking back their citizens when they do get expelled from other countries would help a lot in prevention of violent clashes within Europe. The money spent on a single migrant in my country could be used to help more than twenty migrants in the near areas. We are all interested in peace and prevention of human suffering, so I hope that the UN will take a look at ensuring enforcement of current conventions.

  3. I expected to see
    "Morocco ridiculised the UN by expulsing dozens of its Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara members"
    but your role in this embarassement is worse by far….
    Congratulations on being so so SO little, to not even mention the success of ending the war 25 years ago and nothing newer, the three generations of refugees in the middle of the desert, the outrageous violation of Sahrawis' Human Rights in their own – occupied by Morocco – land, in front of the eyes of your Mission!

    Happy New Year with a sense, at least, of shame.

  4. It's a shame videos like this only have a few thousand views while youtubers who give makeup tutorials have millions.
    The UN does a great and very important job. Working towards the day when they are no longer needed.

  5. UN fucking the world up little by little.
    What a joke of an organisation.
    What a joke of a mission statement.
    An elite few getting rich out of the suffering of millions.

  6. Now I try to summarize other comments here:
    -The UN is important and needs more attention
    -The UN is a joke.
    -Why don't they mention the islam being a plague?
    -"I am a Christ. I believe in god and those who don't will suffer, suffer, suffer, by god, god, god!!1!"
    -The UN is a place where the elites go to have fun.

    Now I will answer by copying comments. The answer will be coming from the bottom of my heart so don't take it too serious. I will not write any sign by myself:

    Finish your high school, first Hopefully someday you understand you are fucking the world up little by little.What a joke of a statement. like every statement is YOU WILL FAIL IN ALL
    YOU DO.

  7. What a horrible year, and now we have a horrible "leader" who is obsessed with his own image, facing these problems, and instead of helping, he's saying he'll withhold payment to the UN from the US. Russian war crimes need to be before the world courts. Russia is offensive to all democracies and they are war criminals.

  8. sir = magistrate broke my bone and put me in jail in false case = i was not treated for bone fracture in jail in willful disobedience of written order of chief judicial magistrate = i have lost hope of justice = pray give me justice = amarjeet =india

  9. I mean when your in a world race like the middle east was in. things like this happens but its not the bigest medle too have Africa had its own anarchy so has americ and so on but the important thing is that if you ever been on the otherside of the fence then you know what it feels like to stride in what's right jus look at trump he's sitin in the big chiar cuss he's soooo respected by many

  10. Is the MINUSTAH a corruption organizer?

    The media in those days are talking about Haiti’s
    improvement in the political, judicial and economic system. I wish this could
    be true, and honestly, I’m afraid the situation has worsened.

    I would imagine the level of
    corruption will be sensibly diminished with the presence of the MINUSTAH whose
    mission is to support the government in ensuring a secure and stable
    environment; to assist in monitoring, restructuring and reforming the Haitian National
    Police; to assist with the restoration and maintenance of the rule of law,
    public safety and public order in Haiti.

    For example, there's no way one can
    ask Electricite d'Haiti (EDH) to disconnect all those illegal connections,
    which poses enormous risks during rainy time. The law in this situation is
    completely absent even in decent neighborhood and further more even if one personally
    went to the office of EDH.

    Also, I
    think that the MINUSTAH makes no background check on its local employees. In
    fact a note was sent to the D.E.A. requesting information about a specific case
    on money laundering facilitated by the MINUSTAH.

    the authorities here in Haiti won’t do what is right to do, however someone can
    call a judge by phone at any time (for example 10 o’clock PM) if he or she is
    his or her friend. That judge would come over your place and would break in
    your house with police heavily armed; he would threaten you or seize your
    properties etc…

  11. This is the propaganda … Why do not terminate the conflicts ? political difficulties ? hahaha that is gross in respect of those poor souls used to keep a secret agenda going on in the middle east and Africa far too long , BS

  12. This is the compromised body that elects the world's worst offender against women's rights, Saudi Arabia, on the Status of Women panel of the UN. Useless facade of bought traitors to mankind.

  13. A high official is seeking to leave the work in Syria. The problem is he he collecting money from older women in order to get out of Syria . UN needs to look into this.

  14. the UN has really tried so far in trying to secure world peace as an organization and through its sub-organizations. the year 2016, has really been a hot year for the UN however, the have shown they are really the world police of all nation states. my biggest question so far is DOES NATO EXIST AS A THEORY OR PRATICALS?


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