2016 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin bike review

The Honda Africa Twin is an iconic adventure bike re-launched and reinvented in 2016 to be as competent and credible off-road as it is on-road. Jon Quirk reports…

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  1. Another BMW R1200 GS wanna be :]
    I'm sure they had to buy a few GS's to tear apart to see how it's done properly! Ask Porsche, they tell you the stories of Honda's Corporate 911 purchases :]

  2. I never trust any motoring type journalism. If any dare criticise the vehicles the manufacturers won't let them do any more reviews on their products and they lose all the associated perks that go with it, such as free accommodation and meals. I just cant wait to look at the online forums regarding any bike I might be interested in and only then will I begin to hopefully get some unbiased opinions.

  3. bieng off-road bias is not bad thing..its most depend on the type of riding..most of those big bikes are used for touring..and when shift our of tarmac then The AT will shown it's real persona..The GS' s are more comfy for Tourer..its just first year for The Honda so it's better to wait little for cons..and pros..but it's well come entry..

  4. I had a demo on the manual gear box version earlier in the Summer and was blown away with the bikes handling, sound, features and price. The only problem I had with the bike was that demand was massive and orders being taken in June wouldn't be fulfilled until the following January. That might have changed but the bike really is wasps nipples!

  5. Not sure If I should get this or an xt66z , or wait for the xt700z twin 😣 anything but the klr650dinosaur so confused. too many bikes to choose from. owww its just so tempting.

  6. Not sure If I should get this or an xt66z , or wait for the xt700z twin 😣 anything but the klr650dinosaur so confused. too many bikes to choose from. owww its just so tempting.

  7. 5000 miles on my DCT so far.. complaints.. instrament cluster during daylight hours could be brighter. seat hurts after 2 hrs. foot pegs too small. all these can be fixed!
    Review was7.5 out of 10 not enough off road footage or riding otherwise very polished!

  8. It should have been a 650cc bike >200kg. Moreover, it does not seem rugged enough for off road. I would have heart ache if I saw it fell on rocks. It will be painful to lift it up after few falls during off roading. False advertisement.

  9. I am looking to sell my 2006 KLR with many upgrades that I have become used to having.Crash bars,highway pegs,cruise control,12v socket, lowered UFO front fender , centerstand, ect, ect. So I love the looks of the AFRICA TWIN and felt good sitting on it in the show room (im 6'4") Here is my question why buy the A.T. for basically the same money the Triumph tiger XCx comes standard with all the things I need and more without having to put it all on aftermarket which drives the cost of the A.T. above the Tiger XCx? Gotta have a quality skid plate,center stand, cruise control, engine guards, highway pegs(doesn't come with either but can attach to Tigers engine guards easy) Let me know what I am missing here , I would rather buy the Honda but I don't think I can. (rusty spokes and sticky buttons included on the honda) What is your opinion?????????????

  10. The bike showing up in the US are missing a lot of the extras he mentioned. extra lighting ,crash bars power port no bags or racks to place them on. I really like the bike but I just busted my bank on a R1200RT. Around Seattle out

  11. I want that bike now yes right now but the wife said no no noooo! so I said to her I will give you oral sex twice a day for six months, so she said yes yes yes but you must start right now ,her face was a picture😗 I thought or Hell I have my work cut out😐 mind it was hard going for my tongue but at the end of it I got my bike!!!😊.

  12. This review is all very well, but after all the hype about this bike Honda played it safe. I rode one back to back to back with a v-strom, and I think the v-strom has it covered. It was better on road and had a stronger engine and over £1K cheaper too. It road well, braked well and felt as well made. Its only downside was it did not have the sense of occasion of the Honda, the Honda did have a bit more style to it.

  13. This gen is the most unreliable piece of shit I ever had. Rusting frame welding, fuelpump and injector issues not even a month after purchase(2019 jul), and wasn't sorted out till date, had a service for it back in october under warranty, I've been waiting for another service since december. If it is anything like the 2019model, I'de say stay the hell away from these!

  14. Th best.bike.but still ill wait and buy a affordabke himalayan.from royal enfield and I dont care abt what ithers care cos there are many people who want to own ine and travel in one

  15. Don't put your helmet on the seat, it will fall at some point. It will either screw the helmet or maybe break the visor, and leave you riding open face with ters in your eyes for miles and miles, because sod's law says it will happen in the outback, 200 miles from anywhere.


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