2015 HIGH TIMES SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup: Saturday Highlights

The first day of this year’s SoCal HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup was a sunlit California day full of the finest buds, hash, glass, grow gear and products with people from all over the country.

Stay tuned to hightimes.com to find out who will take the crown this year.

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  1. looks sick, but the amount of rap present kills me. they couldn't even TRY to vary it with actual musicians? no reggae, no psychedelic rock, not even just chill music. just stoned dudes rhyming over a recorded beat. i get having it present with raps popularity , but cannabis culture seems to have just become a bunch of swag-fags and it bothers me as I'm sure it does others as well. when the cup is largely about music and has several performances throughout, fucking mix it up! bring in ACTUAL MUSICIANS! if i want to go to the cannabis cup it should be about cannabis, not essentially a big stoner rap show.shits sold out as fuck 


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