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Acura channels the Integra in a new entry sedan.

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  1. So far, i'm not impressed at all. I much rather buy a Buick Verano in bas or the new 2.0L Turbo model with 49 more hp and 90 more lbs ft of torque and you get ALL the options for the model and you can get it with a 6speed auto/manual. Yea…. thinking Buick looks good now. And its cheaper!!!

  2. is it just me, or is a manual ILX pointless? If i'm looking to get the 2.4l with a manual I'll save myself 5-10 grand and go with the 4 door SI..

  3. The 2.4 should be standard engine, and come out with a better type-s version later down the road. I think the TSX might over shadow this model.

  4. I completely agree, although I think both cars are targeting different audiences. I think the tsx, with the bigger engines available, is an entry level acura for men while the ILX is a 'cute' little entry model for the women out there..

  5. all good points, the civic is definitely missing some little touches that would make it more luxurious. I gotta say though, I don't really understand why you can't get everything you just mentioned on the SI, considering it's the highest trim level for the civic. At least make them a la carte options..

  6. So basically a Civic Si with slightly nicer interior? Now that the 2013 Civic is getting a new exterior and a better interior, why would you spend $8k more for this?

  7. I really think a lot of people are missing the point of this car…. many people have stated the cost of the vehicle as being very high however I think people need to drive the car #1 and #2 if you lease like me you will notice an amazing value as Acura/Honda have been very aggressive in terms of lease rates and residual value. I will agree that no Navi on the 2.4L is silly but this is to push people to pick up remaining TSX's. I' m certain the 2014 or 2015 ILX will have Navi in the 2.4L then.

  8. The 2013 ILX hybrid doesn't have an Atkinson cycle engine like other full hybrids like the 2013 Accord hybrid, that's why it's only rated at around 39MPG combined. Honda/Acura, Earth Dreams engines would be nice to have across the Acura and Hona lineup. It'll have Atkinson cycle and OTTO cycle combined in one engine, where in the case of a high load the engine will be in OTTO cycle mode and when you are driving economically, the engine will be in Atkinson cycle mode, so hybrid like MPG

  9. Agreed, its overpriced considering, Honda is using the SAME exact civic platform for this car. Meaning, the true value should be around 23K…Not fucking 28K

  10. Well I'm trying to get a Luxary Car. Yea I could just get a Civic or Accord and be happy, but I really want an Acura just for the quality and name recognition.

  11. ohh I see. Just to let you know they're planning on refreshing the 2014 ilx. So you might want to wait to see the changes for the new model. hopefully they make some good changes. good luck with your decision!

  12. Personally I lease a ILX with the 2.4L manual trans. I added the "Launch Kit" which is basically the "Aero Kit" with the addition of multi-spoke Acura branded rims and Michelin Super Sport summer tires. It added an additional $4000 and change to the cost of the car. Like I stated in my original comment, I lease so the overall cost to me in my monthly lease payment was nothing stupid. Acura's leasing program is fantastic, people who just look at costs rather than options are missing the boat.

  13. Yea you pretty much pointed out a few of the reasons I want to get this car. If I do end up getting the Acura, it would be the cheapest model and the features would be minimum. But I definately have a "hard on" for this car…

  14. Acura has no name recognition. This car is horrible. Ugly, boring, lacking features. Why does Acura send boring silver cars to be reviewed.

  15. Within 20 miles of me there is a 2013 ILX 2.4L Premium Package for sale for $26K. It will have better resale value than the civic and 1000% more style and amenities. The $5k difference is totally worth it.

  16. I totally agree. Not to mention that the honda civic is a economy car, however the ILX and all other acura products are luxury car. I personally prefer the TSX over the ISX though.

  17. Is this worth an almost $5,000 increase in price over the Honda Civic SI sedan? Just curious, but doesn't seem like you get much more; plus with the Civic, the price that I was making this calculation off of included Navigation.


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