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More battery, more range, more questions.

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  1. I think america should start building more of these charging stations so more and more car manufacturers can hopefully start rolling out more of these types cars

  2. why do you guys have this shitty audio every now and then? does no one check the videos before posting them to check for this high pitched noise? I actually want to check this out but the audio makes it unwatchable.

  3. I dont understand why toyote make this cars design so ugly. I think electric cars sales would increase if the electric cars looked good.

  4. you said it, people are stupid, they think diesel is bad but guess what, its better than petrol and these batteries are VERY dangerous, lots of acid and when they are dead what are you going to do with them? ya i know, they cant be recycled.

  5. Someone who really cars about enviroment, doesn't buy prius. He buys modern diesels like BMW 2.0 diesel. It has 135 kW, 7.5s 0-100 km/h and consumption better then 50 MPG. Or even more eco friendly VWs 1.6 TDI with 70 MPG.
    And mainly, there is no polution caused by making the batteries. If you add this polution to the one caused by driving, prius is in polution worst then much more powerful gas powered cars.

  6. The point of an electric car is to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Don't get me wrong, I prefer the way a diesel drives, but it still comes from oil. People that think some miracle car will save the planet are mistaken. If you want to save the planet, don't buy a car at all.

  7. I live in a compact city where there's traffic everyday and I use my Cannadole bike for transportation! It saves me money and I contribute with the environment. Beat that Prius. I use zero consumption of gasoline and yes I'm a college student who cares about the environment. 🙂

  8. I don't understand why people hate Prius so much. It is a car for a different market segment who prioritize fuel efficiency over performance. If you don't like it don't buy it or watch it's videos to criticize!!!

  9. car will need gas once in a while, there is a time limit for the gas to stay in the fuel tank. I forgot the duration but usually gas starts to get spoil in 3-4 month. It will have a warning when time is up and fresh gas is due.

  10. In the Los Angeles area diesel gas is costs 20 to 30 cents more per gallon than regular petrol. The cost difference almost negates the fuel savings of diesel cars and trucks.

  11. What about that huge premium you spent to actually get the hybrid technology? It's ridiculous. Plus, TDI's are actually a blast to drive and don't scream "I'm an annoying environmentalist who voted for Obama!"

  12. There is no petrol only version of the Prius. But lets compare a Camry hybrid vs the normal 4 cylinder Camry. The Camry hybrid will cost more, but you are also getting more standard features, and the engine as a whole is an upgrade in terms of both MPG and power & speed. Besides a Prius will drive exactly the same as any TDI when your in LA gridlock going 5 or 10 mph. In 2008 I voted for Obama because I saw him as the lesser of 2 evils. I seriously doubt we would be better off with Mccain/Pailin

  13. I surely don't want to start a political war. The point I'm trying to prove is that Americans are obsessed with hybrids when in fact the Europeans already figured out the beauties of diesel engines years ago. I own a 2011 Golf TDI and love it to death. It's powerful, efficient, high quality, good-looking and I average 41 MPG. Yes, i paid a small premium for the diesel engine which I forgot about because I drive 60,000 miles a year. Sorry. I just don't understand why anybody would buy a hybrid.

  14. Diesels work better in Europe because diesel gas is cheaper than petrol. Plus most European countries charge some kind of gas guzzler tax when you buy a petrol car. Hybrids are excluded from this tax. Americans like hybrids because they hardly use any gas when you are traveling at low speeds in very congested cities like LA or NY, maintenance is low, and petrol gas is cheaper than diesel.

  15. i love cooley but i feel like the only thing he is biased to is the prius line

    no mention of the volt either, suprising considering it seems much easier to justify driving 40 miles per day vs commuting 11 miles per day.

  16. I'd imagine traffic jams aren't so common in Utah, so I can understand that you are satisfied with your TDI Golf. Just saying hybrids work really well in congested cities where there can be hundreds of thousands of cars sharing the same roads in just a few square miles.

  17. The idea is brilliant to fight the environmental pollution now, but it is not worth the money to move to this car unless the government gives lots of rebates and benefits for protecting the environment.

  18. i have a 2011 Nissan Sentra it gives me on highway anywhere from 40 MPG -45MPG local its bad at 27 MPG

    but its better then Infiniti QX56 i had lol

  19. we are moving forward. 10-13 miles electric may not seem like a lot, but for us city folks that is my entire commute to and from work. Only concern is even me not wasting any gasoline. is it worth the 12-14k dollars more than a corolla

  20. The Volt is nothing more than an over subsidized "lemon". Wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. If I did a Prius, I wouldn't waste my money on the Volt wannabe and just do one of the normal Prius's. Your cost savings over time would be much better than any plug in, and if you have a "thing" for global whining, you'd be a hypocrite for buying a Volt or any plug in for that matter. Just from the battery alone, your carbon footprint is already two years ahead than my Civic from off the lot.

  21. My dad just got a Yaris and my mom a Civic hybrid. Wish we would have got 2x Civic's that Yaris is just too cheap for words. We will just end up throwing that Yaris away in 2-3 years like an old tennis shoe. The plugin Prius is worth the $32k if your mostly city driving but with long drives to Vegas and what not, its not made for that. Civic hybrid on the other hand gets up to 90mph passing semi's all day 🙂

  22. Lean burn engine? No, it's Atkinson but the engine stays at stoichimetric air:fuel ratio.
    Honda uses a lean burn non-atkinson cycle engine in their Civic Hybrid, Insight though.

  23. It's a car. You don't need it to look pretty. Tanks don't have flowers on top of them. Planes aren't designed to look pretty. The only reason that people make vehicles pretty is to satisfy the pointless desires of people like you so that you'll be more inclined to buy them.

  24. There is another possibility e4wd hybrid – a powertrain which combines advantages of parallel and series hybrids. You can find a description on my channel if you wish.

  25. car looks good, been travelling in a few of the earlier model priuse's was very impressed and also actually one honda civic hybrid. if you ask me i think basically this technology is being held back it could be more advanced today instead of ten years from now. i would like to own one of these but i don't know, it seems silly there is still a petrol function involved and just not the car running solely on electric.

  26. Or you could get the one that gives 1000 miles and runs on water that that Israeli guy invented, watch it on Bloomberg.
    The secret, if you like to know; its to pulse an electric current inside Aluminum's rust shell, this expels the shell, be sure to do this inside water, and the Aluminum will oxide again releasing Hydrogen as it does along lots of voltage. Anyway I would go with that rather than this model that has an incredibly inefficient oil engine attached to it…

  27. No not really, the batteries go to multiple spots/countries before they hit their final assembly point to get into the vehicle itself. With all the emissions it takes, you are really putting more pollution into the atmosphere than a diesel truck. Maybe you should educate yourself.

  28. У Вольта есть ряд преимуществ. Он может до 70 км на одной зарядке проехать (Prius до 20 км), Быстрый разгон. И это пожалуй все. Если его использовать без зарядки, то Prius будет экономичнее. Да и 4 места всего. А интерьеры это на любителя, мне нравится и Prius и Volt

  29. The new Honda Accord Plug In Hybrid have a slightly longer electric only range of around 25km (15.5 miles) to battle the Prius Plug In. Who will become the ultimate king with highest fuel efficiency???!!!

  30. Ah, so true. How could we forget that all diesel motors are assembled from locally grown parts, and always in the same place as the rest of the car. In fact since they, unlike batteries, are constructed out of hemp it has no negative affect the environment.

  31. The new Honda Accord Plug In Hybrid have a slightly longer electric only range of around 25km (15.5 miles) to battle the Prius Plug In. Who will become the ultimate king with highest fuel efficiency???!!!

  32. The plan is right to fight the environmental pollution now, but it is not worth the money to move to this car unless the government gives lots of rebates and benefits for protecting the environment.

  33.  It is true. How could we forget that all diesel motors are assembled from locally grown parts, and always in the same place as the rest of the car. In fact since they, unlike batteries, are constructed out of hemp it has no negative affect the environment.

  34.  Most Americans hate gas guzzling cars, and their fine with it. Yea, it costs more to fill up with gas, but if you can afford it, why is it big deal? Don't get on some random person because they have a car that doesn't get good MPG. .

  35. Why buy a Prius plug in to drive 11-15 miles on a charge when you can buy a Volt and drive 51 miles on electric only, like I did yesterday on my way to work. Usually I get about 47 miles on a charge, which is 4 times the EV range of a plug in prius. My 2014 Volt cost 23,000 after 7,500 Fed tax credit and 1,500 Ca rebate. Such a great car, inexpensive, and really fast. The Volt has an overall range of 370 miles before the 9.3 gallon gas tank is empty. Many Volts ave 900 mpg.

    the us government did the cash for clunkers to get rid of your way out, you think they want you to get better mpg they want that fuel tax so bad they can taste it so they are patiently setting up the population to have scrapped their way out vehicle, and then BAM pay road tax extra impact fee or no tag renual. gotcha, its coming ..so you will be paying a premium home power bill a tag tax a non fuel tax road use tax GOTCHA  miserable electronic nightmare vehicle no one but the STEALERSHIP can repair gotcha again hahah I love my NON CAFE 1972 Chevrolet Kingswood station wagon no electronics ahhh whew… not going to step into big brothers bear trap..

  37. The Prius just is not getting much better after all these years. Why the hell would anybody buy a Prius. Never find yourself single in a Prius, because you will be single until you sell it. The Volt dominates in all ways: 0-60, mpg, handling, braking, reliability, and the cost of a Volt is cheaper after the $9,000 off you get in California and other states. The new 2016 a Volt is so awesome too. Who the hell talks about the new 2016 Prius…nobody, because it's like all the other previous Prius…so lame.

  38. Regarding the Volt being made in America: True the Volt is American, not Japanese. The profits go to America in all Volt sales, instead of Japan for the Prius. I would rather give the profits to America than the country that surprise attacked us at Pearl Harbor and killed almost 3,000 Americans. If the Volt was made by Al Qaida in Afghanistan I certainly would not be buying it after they killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11. Why do Prius owners just look the other way regarding why happened to us in WWII. It is something Prius owners have to justify when the make that purchase.

  39. History is not taught in our public schools like it should be. People that didn't experience first hand WWII don't know really what happened, and therefor just arrogantly dismiss patriots that would rather buy American cars to support American industries, when possible. What if every American felt like you and only bought Japanese cars? Japan's economy would be booming and American cars would no longer exist. A selfish person puts himself before country.

  40. My 2014 Volt can travel 42-45 miles consistently on a single charge. If you drive less than 45 miles daily (16,425 miles per year) you can get 1825 mpg. The Volt will automatically burn one tank of gas/year to ensure you have fresh gas if you need it. The gas tank holds 9 gallons. Can any Prius get 1,825 mpg? Is any Prius faster than the Volt? Can any Prius handle better than the Volt. The Volt dominates. The Volt has no range anxiety like other electric cars. It's one of a kind. Get one before the rebates disappear. A new 2015 Volt can be bought for $19,000 after a federal tax credit ($7,500) and California state credit ($1,500). Yah, new Volt for $19,000!!!!!! What are you waiting for?

  41. Hi I have 2012 Toyota Prius plug-in I bought it few days ago it need to be charged by electric outlet if I do not charge the is it to damage my car 🚗 thanks for your reply.

  42. I own a 2012 Prius Plug-In. I love it and will never have a gas only car again. I live in TN hill country and still average 67 mpg. This is a combination of short trips and about 3 long trips over 50 miles monthly. On hybrid alone it averages about 52 mpg. I previously owned a standard 2007 Prius which averaged 45 mpg. My 2012 Prius has 93,000 miles and I've had no big fix-its: only standard maintenance and I did replace brake pads and tires.


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