2012 Nissan Juke SV – Car Tech

Nissan’s goofy-looking mini crossover is fun to drive and has enough tech to acquit itself.

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  1. I work at a Nissan dealer and have driven all the cars, this was the biggest surprise for me as I hate crossovers/SUVs and have never had anything but sportscars and sportbikes, best engine in the entire lineup and drives like a car, I actually like the looks too, its very aggressive from the side and has cues from the 370Z. the CVT is actually is quite a good suprise on a turbo to keep boost going & thats coming from someone who has never owned a non-manual car

  2. its far from a piece of crap! If it was a piece of crap why would you take the time to watch this great review? I personally think you are riding someone else ban-wagon quiet possibly subaru or honda or otherwise your a big baby that complains about everything.

  3. I think the Juke is stylish, but in an unusual way which I find very appealing. It gets a lot of attention, so this is not the car for a conformist who just wants to blend in.

  4. Yea everyone has different taste. Really for me though it's less good-looking and more weird opposed to most normal crossovers which look better even if they don't stand out, as well as for me not standing out in this thing would be a good thing considering I think most people where I live / who I know don't like it :s

  5. Reviewer has such a snarky attitude. I love my Versa hatchback and am proud to tell people and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good economy car with great mileage and lots of room for friends and groceries 🙂

  6. WOAH… That bass line in the song playing throughout the beginning is IDENTICAL to a song used in GT5 /watch?v=idR5XucBpVk&list=FLCEADyD0HP2-TAJaawKTIxg&index=26

    What the hell? Pretty sweet.

  7. If it has a cvt, I'm not buying it. Had a 2012 Rogue as a rental a few months ago and it had no power, the cvt sucked, and when it got around 4k RPM it just started to smell horridly. I don't think the smell is actually normal, but the cvt none the less sucked.

  8. wtf nissan who said yes to this design rolling out for prodcution. whose on the board of nissan. i can design a better looking car for half the money the designers are paid. shows that uni degree dont really mean better your better at work that anyone else

  9. The Only thing I would add is the CVT version is slower, I have the SL FWD with manual trans. It is quite a bit quicker and you won't have that hesitation when the CVT downshifts and upshifts when making a low speed cornering maneuvers

  10. Does anyone own this vehicle?  I'd rather have your opinion whether or not this is a good buy.  Also, is it roomy?  I do a lot of hiking and can always use more room.

  11. There are VERY FEW distinctive looking cars on the road. However, the more distinctive, the more polarizing. If someone doesn't like the looks of my car, I usually curl up in the fetal and weep.

  12. i wish Nissan would update the CVT to their next generation transmission. the Juke does very well in the city, but that highway figure is pretty bad. that's where the new CVT is excelling in cars like the Versa, Sentra, and Altima.

  13. I absolutely love the look of this car, it's different its unique and I'm all about that. I already have a car but am thinking of trading it for this for the winter. I have a beetle and plan on selling it in the future. Not close to selling it yet and I'm already excited to get the juke. Laugh at me all you want when I get it but don't get mad when your car looks like all the others.

  14. Come on guys I mean no one I'll repeat NO ONE dose a review like Cooley He is and always will be the best at car reviews in fact any reviews Period Long live Cooley.

  15. In my opinion it's a phenomenal looking car but in this video the colour and etc does not look great at all on this juke. I've got one and it's grey. Looks great on the car and the interior is black . Also the radio has chrome parts on it(hasn't been customised) and looks way better than this one on this video.

  16. I have that Blue 2012 SV, but I do have the Rockford Fosgate system, moon roof, the GPS system, which by the way is NOT a free update is very expensive to update … and front wheel drive, runs like a raped ape, I would really love to be able to upgrade the lighting to an LED system but they are hard to find and the ones you can find may or may not work out of the box, but I am not unhappy with it, just don't really like the CVT lag, manual shifting gets it going though

  17. I technically own a 2011 Nissan Juke sv awd like the car because it is comfortable but the back not much space which sucks. Planning to get another car so I’ll keep this car

  18. I like the Juke. The Design is not Mainstream 😎 It's Personality. I like the Paint it called "Night Shade". It looks like the Golf Mk2 Gti Edition One 😉 His Paint is called "Darkburgundy Perl." And I like the Climate Panel with D-Mode. It's so cool 😎 At the Moment I'm searching for a 1,6L Petrol with manual Gearbox or 1,5L Diesel engine 😉

  19. I saw it. I wanted it. I got it. I LOVE it! But… I'm COMPLETLY MYSTIFIED as to how to use the CVT…so I don't! I'm over the moon with my purchase! I actually want to get another one. Yes mine looks JUST like this one. I LOVE THIS CAR SO MUCH! 🙂


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