2011 Toyota Highlander Limited 4×4

A study in how just fine can be just fine.

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  1. Great review, so lively that will make you listen to him and won't let your eyes out of the monitor. Just got my 2011 Higlander last week and it's a fantastic ride.

  2. you just dont want to belive that Japanese cars actuallt outstanded the American cars , from camry's & corollas up to crossovers !!

  3. the 2008-present Toyota Highlander/ Guangzhou-Toyota Highlander (PRC) is assembled in
    Guangzhou, China
    Miyawaka, Fukuoka, Japan
    Princeton, Indiana, United States (Oct 2009-present, North America only)

  4. You'll definitely have the car in 12.9 years. it's a Toyota! My family is considering replacing our 04 Highlander with a hybrid 2008 model or 2011 model

  5. My dad has one. It is a very nice car indeed. However, how do you change the time on the clock? None of us could not figure out how so the the time on the clock is one hour behind the actual time :/

  6. Three minutes into the review and you're still yakking about the radio and electronics. I kinda hoped I'd learn something about the car and how it drives.

  7. I don't always agree with your reviews- but that's what makes it such a great review. You're opinionated in a very fair way by explaining why you feel the way you do and giving examples. Excellent work good sir!

  8. Love this car, sadly someone just hit me on September 14 in the parking garage of SFO and until now AAA insurance (other driver's insurance) hasn't come up with their liability decision.

  9. Name and style 4Runner, I can tell you the changes made and the options, drive train, etc. I know the Highlander fairly well, I had a 2003 4 cylinder that I traded for my 2003 4Runner V8. I actually know most Toyota's well.

  10. @thenaveenthomas I'm into that now too, as I now have a 2011 Highlander myself.  When I'm out and about, I can now distinguish the differences between the 2010 and earlier version of this generation compared to the 2011-13 version because of how the headlights and taillights are styled.  Personally, I like the look of the headlights and taillights on the 2011 and newer ones because the headlights look a little sleeker, as well as the taillights.

  11. As of last week, I have a 2011 Highlander and I love it!  I have the LE model, and it has plenty of features for me.  Surprisingly, the cloth seats are actually quite comfortable, and even though they're manually adjusting, that doesn't matter to me as I'm the only one who's going to be driving the car.  That means I only had to set it once and forget it.  I beg to differ about the sound quality of the standard fare 6 speaker audio system though.  Personally, I think it sounds good with the right settings.  I just have a little bit of bass and treble (I set them to just 2 for both FM and auxiliary), and don't have the ASC/speed-compensated volume on.  Plus, with just having the base model, I only have the auxiliary jack, and I think the positioning of it is just fine.  I don't have a problem with it interfering with the shift lever at all.  Lastly, I don't mind not having steering wheel audio controls, though it would have been nice to have them.  The buttons and dials are pretty giant and easy to reach, so it's easy to make quick adjustments without having to take my eyes on the road too much.  Plus, I can get my own voice-activation through Siri, so it all works out for me.

  12. Getting this 2011 model in black with black interior, limited 4×4, all available options, adding some running boards, stock 300-400 bhp.. I am in love <3

  13. I just got this vehicle a few days ago. How do I get update navigation CD? It is running with the 2010 map nav disc. Also having a hard time finding out how to program everything like maintenance. Is the Bluetooth only for hands free phone? I play my music from my phone and my auxiliary jack glitches. Works when it wants to and sometime just one side of the car and with an annoying buzz 🙄

  14. Just purchased a mint white 2011 Highlander Limited with nav and JBL. Purchased from Toyota service advisor. All maintenance up to date. Brand new tires and winters….$16500 cash….I'm extremely happy with this deal!! Forgot to add that's $16500 Canadian😊


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