2 Chainz Geeks Out Over a $500K DeLorean by West Coast Customs | Most Expensivest Sh*t

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  1. Wonder if Will.i.am still owns those two cars there or he just has Ryan keep them there when he isn't using them? Since when someone has an outlandish build done, they own it for awhile and then afterwards grow bored of it which then ends up on the auction block or noteworthy car dealership.

  2. Trash car. Its known for its look not its performance. WCC Took away that iconic look, and now the car is just ugly and fast, not pretty and slow. Nice interior though.

  3. Guess what I found, a Back To The Future 1985 Delorean NFT released by the official Delorean Motor Company themselves, just one in the world ever minted, its in Rarible, check out DMC-12: Goes Hollywood (1985) (1-of-1) , its currently held by NFTi Universe Auctions

  4. DeLorean came with a V6. It wasn’t even close to a go kart engine. It’s no lambo, but they weren’t created for speed. It was created for visuals and economics… 🤣

  5. If had 500,000 dollar. I would give it back to people to buy houses that are most abandoned and ghetto area. Plus I would hire private security to secure around that area. When I do put out for rent. It would be cheap. Also would upgrade and renovate the place. If someone struggling in that neighborhood with a addiction, food or anything else. I would pay for there food and help them enter to rehab .Top it off would pay for therapist and prescribe meds. Yeah that's what I would use for my money if had $500,000. Giving back to the people.

  6. To anyone hating on this guy for the cars he makes: he's a businessman. He wouldn't be in business if a rapper came up to him with an idea and he said "no, that's tasteless." So quit hating

  7. Not gone lie I love the idea of wide body cars but owning one is a different story. You gotta find good parking spaces meaning you wont get dinged and not to mention people driving next or near you and also getting to know the proportions when i.e turning a curb

  8. my problm with these cars is always reminds me to replica cars what was put together with fiberglass and bondo, and no way to buy parts for it if you will need anything in the future because its custom made, for 500g i would buy a fricken rolls royce and i still have money for coke and hookers lol

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