16 Personalities Interacting After School

The 16 Myers-Briggs types interacting once school lets out
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The 16 Personalities of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are INFJ, INTJ, INFP, ISFP, INTP, ISTP, ISFJ, ISTJ, ENFP, ENTP, ESTP, ESFP, ENTJ, ESTJ, ENFJ, ESFJ

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  1. Maybe you should do one like "16 Personalities Relating to Their Opposite Type". I'm an INFP and my best friend's an ESTJ, but it's funny how many similarities there are between us

  2. ewwww homework club? I was in a bunch of clubs back in high school (Show Choir, Writing, Newspaper, FCA, First Priority, Theatre, Tech) but I def could have used ACT prep considering I had to take it twice. 🙁
    Also the ISFP had me rolling and was the person I related to the most in this one lol -ISFJ

  3. That need to try 83247 activities is why I was mistyped as ENFP for so long. Thanks for the accurate representation of my time mismanagement. Our organized persona is to put other people at ease lmao
    – ENFJ

  4. In college I wrote poetry for my creative writing classes and I played on the club quidditch team. Also I'm an INFP. This is way too real. I laughed for a solid minute. FJ, you truly are one of the few people who gets me.

  5. As an ENTP, I can confirm the use of straw man fallacies and puns instead of refuting actual arguments (in joke settings. in real arguments our logic is stable)

  6. Not sure if I relate to the INTJ here or not. I chose German in HS while everyone else was in French or Spanish … Then I took some Japanese in college (many years after HS). So I guess, in a way? I would never take a fake language (like Wookiee or Klingon) because there's no chance of needing it IRL. I did learn Futhark runes in HS, but my friends and I actually used it to write notes, so "purpose". (Didn't learn the language, just the writing characters to transliterate English.)

  7. My mom is an ESFJ and was a cheerleader in high school. She’s married to an INFJ. The image of him holding her up in her cheerleading outfit can’t get out of my mind😂 That’s literally their marriage in a nutshell. Also, my sister is an ISFP and does art to express her emotions and she does have an interesting relationship with my mom. My other sister is an ESTJ and she was in marching band for three years and ended up being a section leader the last year. How is this video so accurate?😂

  8. My aunty is an ESFJ and I'm an INFJ, that was a metaphorically accurate representation of our relationship 😂. I look up to her so much, but at the same time I'm always stuck with the grunt work for all of the many parties she plans.

  9. As an intj this is eerie. Reason being I made my own alphabet in highschool. Reason being I wanted to write memoirs at the time but I didn't want anyone to be able to understand. Also when writing in this alphabet there are no spaces between words so it's basically impossible to decode.

  10. ISTP and ISFP cracked me up i just fell off my bed 🤣 i've been there so i feel them both, how lovely hahaha :')
    i'm an INTJ tho and the 10 languages thing is also relatable I'm currently learning 4 different foreign language at the same time but non of them is Wooki tho .. until today that is 🤭

  11. As an INFP I try to avoid ANY after school clubs, dances, and events because I don’t want to interact with people the same as me. I just wanna go home and watch a great anime series in peace and then daydream about going to those events.

  12. Omggg the last skit with ESFJ and INFJ had be laughing so loud! This is exactly what it’s like to hang out with ESFJs as an INFJ 😂😂😂

  13. "Wookie" and "Cheerleader Pyramid" skits were hilarious!!!! The whole thing was hilarious 🤣😂😆
    Frank James your storytelling and comedy is top-notch!!
    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!💥💥💫❤❤❤❤

  14. The ENFJ on this one was spot on!!! I'm so busy and I want to do everything that I can't manage my time very well and am always super busy and I procrastinate all the time. Also the ESTP was so funny!! 😂😂

  15. I enjoyed the INTP/INTJ skit.
    I once invented a conlang of my own, and have dabbled in learning a few others.
    Oddly, my ENFP daughter has also invented a conlang. She speaks it incessantly, and many of her friends have tried to pick it up out of self defence.

  16. Well, in secondary school I entered the Ancient Greek course, just for the etimology fun's sake, along with my friend (of whose type I just tried to figure out the other day). Good old times 😊

  17. At 1:08 Yo haha..that's me..lol because of my Peaceful nature..I could leave the Scene out of nowhere, without a sound.. but 4 me Not in a rude way though, it all just goes back 2 the fact that I'm a peaceful person which spreads over 2 almost everything I do.

  18. Im actually a new subcriber, i think its January 2022, and I already watch your 16 personalities Playlist. And All I can say is, Im soooo relatable. btw im INFJ😐

  19. your channel has become my main source of entertainment. i like the scripts you write and the acting is always great. it's humor for smart and awesome and cool people


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