11 September 2001 — UN Reacts to Tragedy (Archival footage)

United Nations, New York, 9 September 2011 – This segment comprises video clips from the UN Audio-Visual Archives on the reaction at UN Headquarters to the tragedy, including remarks from the UN Secretary-General, and reactions from the Security Council and the General Assembly, as well as from staff at large.

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  1. The Secretary General just has forgotten to say, that there has never been "smoke without fire". Of course, such high post and time dictates the way of speech, but he could have found the courage within himself to proclaim, as his job is supposed to be done properly by seeeking the roots of such acts, even at such very tragic moment, that the way the United States behaves itself around the world is "slightly out of control and standarts", at least to say. No one is gonna target Madagascar or Mexico or etc, because they never threat, destroy or humiliate noone nearby or far oversea, they never dictate anybody the way the others should live, love or think. Of course, you may say , as history teaches us all, that this is just the inevitable state of the country as soon as it has reached the status of the world super Empire and, of course, there is some truth about it. But, as I have said, you should always try to look at the whole "Big Picture "from the all possible different points of view, if you really wanna understand and grasp the true nature about any theme, act or behavior.


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