10 Times WWE Gave Fans Exactly What They Wanted (And They Hated It)

“Liv Morgan as champion? Thanks, I hate it.”

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Comment (268)

  1. I think it was perfect timing for Ambrose to turn heel. Perfect heel heat moment if you ask me. People forget to enjoy wrestling with suspending their belief.

  2. Having your babyface champion tapout is a great idea right? RIGHT? Liv was really over but her child-like persona was never going to turn her into a superstar, was it?! Then they decide to go with the worst possible outcome for her in the match against Ronda and we are where we are!

  3. WWE threw Liv to the wolves. Yes, we wanted a Liv championship run but no one asked for her to beat 2 legitimate MMA fighters back to back💀 Yes, wrestling is kayfabe but there’s still supposed to be some believability. There is NOTHING believable about Liv beating the 2 most credible and legit ppl on the women’s roster in Ronda and then Shayna.

  4. Fans are booing Morgan because they see the writing on the wall: it was a cheap way to appeal to fans in the worst way, and now she's being booked like Rey Mysterio when he won the title. She's lucky to win when she does and loses nearly every confrontation leading up to the event. Why would the fans believe in her when management clearly doesn't? It's just insulting.

  5. Title ironically sums up this channel. A mindset that claims to know better, but when ya get what you want and it isn’t what you thought, surely it’s not bc it was a bad booking decision from literally just fans, it’s bc wwe fucked it up. You guys know best, right? Man these pro wrestling “journalist” fans piss me off, y’all ruined Nak vs Styles simply bc you were impatient and only thought in ring wrestling solely could deliver like it did in Japan, a whole different style of presentation, fueding, and storytelling. Marks, all of you. Stop ruining the business, please!

  6. See Dean doing that made me cry and 🤮 because omg Jo AKA RR was flipping ill irl, ifrl
    Can you see Hollywood doing that smh Tom Cruise almost dies and all his friends try to roast him and try seex his kids

  7. I figured people wanted Roman to win over Batista because he wasn’t Batista. In 2015 a blind man could tell Roman was gonna win which soured it for me at least.

  8. people need to understand not everyone is a main eventer then you will not get your little feelings hurt with your fantasy ideas its a business, as much people do not wanna hear that they cant just book things that will please the so called diehards and those who spend hours spamming hate under wwe accounts on twitter or instagram


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