10 Dogs We Absolutely HATED Seeing In Video Games

We LOVE dogs, but sometimes in video games they can be a pain in the neck. Here are the worst video game dogs.
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  1. Killing that one lone German Shepard in the mission “All Ghillied Up” in COD:MW was always terrifying to then see a pack of 20 German Shepard’s run you down.
    Try as you may to kill them all, it was near impossible to survive that encounter.

  2. No STALKER packs of dogs!? 😶😶😶 They were some of the most irritating things to come up against in the middle of the night, when it was raining and the bandits were fighting between themselves.

  3. Hound-Eyes from Half-Life (1999) were very annoying. You would encounter one and it was a fairly easy kill if you managed to get it as soon as you saw it. Get cornered by three or more and you're hurting, and have them team up with a Vortigon? Ouch.

  4. I remember when the NES Zapper Light Gun came out for Duck Hunt when we got one we thought it was such a technological marvel. Now we have Virtual Reality video games!

  5. What happened to the dogs in the Capra Demon boss fight Dark Souls one 🤔 those things are annoying when you barely have enough room to fight the Capra Demon 😈

  6. I played Duck Hunt as a kid. There was a corner of my TV that I could wedge the gun into that would allow me to always hit a duck. As a young kid, I completely abused that little exploit. It was so easy to cheese.

  7. Not just dogs but animals in general in the Far Cry games. So many times I’ll find the perfect spot to do some recon on a target before going in. But next thing I know out of nowhere I’m fighting off a fucking tiger. So annoying.

  8. all dogs go to hell, you know it, you refuse to accept it, then you are a delusional who rejects the truth. dogs are hell born, and all of them will go back to hell where they came from.


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