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  1. XAVI SPIRIT – never been so excited before for a barça match ❤️💙
    ILIAS STARTING XI – show them who’s boss 💪
    AGUERO RETIREMENT- agueroooooooooo… that hits diffrently now 😭💙🤘🏼

  2. if Depay was not part of this game we would have won like 4:0 what a selfish stupid player…he dosent fit in this kind of play…he is in a hurry to score and he lacks patience…Xavi should sell him and buy players who fit

  3. The first halftime was really good
    Number 33 should start the matches , he is insane and could make some differences
    I liked him a lot.
    Coutinho ?? Really ?
    Mengeza? Oh please don’t let him start the games. He is horrible in the Defence and everytime he get the ball in Defence we get in trouble!!
    I really don’t see him there , nowhere actually
    He is not good for Barca sorry
    Busquets! Wow
    What a player, today he was one of the best together with Gabi

    The espanyol striker , Raul T D!! What a player ! Why didn’t we bought him ? Instead of all crap we have infront??

  4. Barca are very weak defensively, not offensively. We need to buy defensive midfielders with strength, speed like Mascherano, R.Marquez to clean up the opponent's counterattacks.

  5. Xavi: I came to Barcelona and i knew that i need at least 10 new players. But we cant afford new players. The victory was very lucky because espanyol played even worse then we did. I dont know how thats even possible. but it is. we take the 3 points and pray for a miracle.

  6. Possitives.
    Today the Energy Level is great,
    Team work is good,
    Attacking worked really Well,
    Xavi's Managering Style is like a Boss.

    Needs to Improve.
    Possession is 66% today but needed above 75%.
    Need Solid Defence for upcoming matches.
    Shorts on target needs to be improve.
    Watch on Offsides.

    Overall comparing to previous matches Barcelona under Xavi did great job.

    He is Slowly Building this team, Creating the Bond between players.

    Tiki Taka will not come in one day it will take time, Chemistry between players started and Barcelona future is Bright.

    We no need Draw or Lose only Victory is needed.

    Now Barcelona Climbes from 9th to 6th Possition.

    Long Live Barca…

  7. Tem que vender Dembélé ele não assinou até agora é sinal que quer sair de graça é melhor vender logo ele só se lesiona e também não correspondeu. A melhor coisa a se fazer é vender logo e parar de perder tempo com um jogador que não quer renovar o contrato se quisesse já teria renovado tem que ficar esperto com ele. Ele quer sair de graça! Tantos jogadores bons para contratar no lugar dele Coman, Antony, Sterling… E vender também Umtiti, Braithwaite, Luuk de Jong, Piqué, Busquets, Alba, Dest, S.Roberto, Lenglet, Neto.
    Tem que renovar o time e contratar novos jogadores já chega de perder tempo com eles já era pra ter se livrado de todos eles
    E se eles não quiserem sair toma uma atitude mas faz alguma coisa não dá mais para continuar com eles
    Precisa de reformulação já!!!
    E também não pode vender F. De Jong jamais um jogador da qualidade dele é difícil de achar e também é muito caro por favor não cometa uma loucura dessa se vender ele vai ser um grande erro tem que vender é os outros que citei e não ele.

  8. Indeed it's not too late. The players are lacking ambition. They have to put in more effort to improve and be hungry for trophies and awards. By now there should have been barca players in the top goal scorer rank as well as assist.

  9. Xavi play more abde he got very special talent I can see this kid will be new messi in the future I like when he has the ball so brave to dive into opponent’s defensive this kid is special

  10. Un consejo para Xavi. Juega más verticalmente, haz un 10-15% menos de pases. Cuando el espacio se despeje, no sujetes la pelota demasiado fuerte y continúa con pases estériles. Vi a un equipo intentar hacer muchos pases, pero al final fue un fin en sí mismo. El Espanyol se defendió bien y trató de hacer daño explotando la calidad. Debes tener delanteros muy hábiles que jueguen el balón verticalmente. La posesión de balón está bien con equipos más cerrados, siempre te dejan la iniciativa. Pero contra club fuertes es necesario configurar, recuperación de alta presión y verticalización. Hay muchos equipos que juegan al fútbol mejor que hace 10 años. Que el Barcelona tenga esa posesión de balón y el fútbol del pasado seguirá siendo complicado. El nivel físico y el apoyo en el campo son mucho más altos. Y una cosa que mencionaste ahora es más fútbol físico. Los oponentes están mejor preparados. Hola Xavi, seguro que harás una fortuna en este club.


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