👩🏻‍✈️Pilotseye View BOEING 777 Landing in Puerto Rico🇵🇷

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  1. Hello friend, if possible can you help me,I have a trip this next Wednesday to Istanbul in a Boeing 777-309ER Turkish airlines aircraft plane I would like to know which are the comfortable seats so wide in economy class I thank you in advance friend of the air

  2. I do adore the wonderful discussions on landing & takeoff. All that knowledge makes it feel easy. Admitting as a male how the women make me feel so safe. Hugging them while they perform these tasks won’t be allowed. That’s in the clouds of dreams. 🇦🇺🐨🦋🌹

  3. Oh ok, I was a little thrown off. I thought who fly's from Ecuador too PR, no less Aquadilla on a 777? PR is my home from home and we don't see too many Ecuadorians
    there. Then I saw cargo and it made sense. Btw, that's so awesome seeing the ladies flying together. They were so smart and professional. Kudos too them.

  4. You could do a channel with just Ellen and Heidi they are so good! Best flight crew featured on Just Planes. Impeccable and flawless flying and teamwork. Love these ladies!

  5. JP….Hello!) Great video that you have posted*)) interesting and beautiful….as always…!! Loved all:) thanks for your time….enjoy the weekend JP;) Warm greetings from the Netherlands! X Betsy…….

  6. There's enough people from equador who vacation in Puerto Rico to justify a direct commercial flight?

    Equador itself has a warm climate and nice beaches. I can see flights from northern latitudes to Puerto Rico, but as beautiful as Puerto Rico is (and it is very beautiful) if I lived in equador, I think I'd be highly tempted to vacation in equador.

    EDIT: Ahhhh 10:12 this is air cargo…


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