🎥 NEVER LET ME GO (2010) | Full Movie Trailer in HD | 1080p

The lives of three friends, from their early school days into young adulthood, when the reality of the world they live in comes knocking.
Cast: Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield #MoviePredictor #trailer #BestMovie

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  1. SPOILERS FOR ANYONE INTERESTED IN THE BOOK: This trailer basically tells everything big that happens in the novel. Like, all the big reveals and moments of clarity are brushed over here like they aren't big deals, but they are. They're really big deals.

  2. This was a strange, terrible, ruthless, hopeless, cruel and beautiful film. I suppose there was a "deep message" but I was too limited to grasp it fully but I know love was a theme. The pathos is heartbreaking. I have seen it twice and that was enough for me. This film was a sleeper. I suggest you go and see some happy clappy with political correctness and after go to the pub for a drink and later, hopefully, a shag. A good friend now long dead used to say – when I walk through a field I want to do the farmer thing and think about the potatoes and not the endless cosmos swirling above me.

  3. Love the movie and the book but it is bad that the evil nurse is only with in only one scene in the movie. They call her Häxan in the Swedish translation. With menas the witch in English. She is so mean. Did they call her the witch in English?

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  5. Such a beautiful powerful and brilliantly performed film, and a metaphor for the real world, in which the lower classes have no real lives of our own, and are simply making time whilst we prepare to serve the upper orders.


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