🎥 ELEPHANT MAN (1980) | Full Movie Trailer | Classic Movie

A Victorian surgeon rescues a heavily disfigured man who is mistreated while scraping a living as a side-show freak. Behind his monstrous facade, there is revealed a person of intelligence and sensitivity.
Cast: Anthony Hopkins, John Hurt, Anne Bancroft #MoviePredictor #trailer #BestMovie

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  1. I have NF a.k.a Neurofibromatosis ( what he had ) although not as bad as he did …… No whats odd when I was younger I was made fun of mostly by girls , now at 28 women find it…… unique ? and they want to care for me or show me love. I know its odd , maybe its just nature women wanting to care for something or some one. Im a pretty decent guy which helps being around , ha . BTW it looks way worse then it feels. It does hurt but it's more shocking then anything

  2. 日本人いる?

  3. i just think of michael jackson and similarly he was treated. people spreading shit that wasn't true in the tabloids and even after being proven innocent in court people still have the audacity to say he's not! Even so say he never went to court, he was misunderstood he had no childhood and was the sweetest man to ever live. It's not where his heart is he would never ever hurt a child and anyone who thinks he would get therapy. Don't reply to this comment if you have something ignorant to say. Michael loved this movie and the book/play and felt he very much related to it, then the press comes out attacking him saying he bought the elephant man's bones or that he wanted to, absolutely ridiculous! holy christ get a life

  4. J'avais été voir se film à sa sortie, très beau film , mais la vraie histoire de éléphant man n'a que 50% de réalité, qu'il repose au plus près de dieu sa courte vie sur cette terre, a été pour lui le vrai enfer.

  5. 私はレックリング ハウゼン病気だ。

  6. Que bueno, desearía que suban más trailers de películas bizarras de los años dorados del cine!! Exelente. Yo vi está película la primera vez en el año 1994.


  8. 普通に生きれてること、普通に生きられない人がいる‼️

  9. J'ai pleuré , tellement pleuré en regardant ce film. " le Seigneur est mon berger, je ne manque de rien " …….
    C est bouleversant.
    Que de cruauté envers les gens
    " differents ". Nous sommes pourtant tous des êtres humains…🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. At first, you will want to turn away from him;
    Then, you may find him a silent, unresisting target for your ridicule;
    But if you come to know him, you will begin to see beyond the perversion of his form, and discover the beauty in the beast;
    And perhaps for the first time, you will understand the true meaning of courage and human dignity.
    Anthony Hopkins
    Anne Bancroft
    Sir John Gielgud
    Wendy Hiller
    and John Hurt as The Elephant Man.
    Coming from Paramount Pictures

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  12. "I am not a animal I am a human being" 💔its disgusting how ppl treat eachother because of things we don't understand I hope god will forgive us all


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