🇱🇷 Liberia – President Addresses General Debate, 73rd Session

George Manneh Weah, President of the Republic of Liberia, addresses the general debate of the 73rd Session of the General Assembly of the UN (New York, September 25 – October 01, 2018).

GEORGE MANNEH WEAH, President of Liberia, hailed Ms. Espinosa’s successful election, noting that she is one of four women to hold the Presidency of the General Assembly. Paying tribute to the late Kofi Annan, he said Africa lost one of its most illustrious sons and the world one of its most outstanding diplomats. On his country’s newly democratically elected Government, he stressed that Liberians voted for “a Change for Hope” and a paradigm shift towards youthful leadership, change and transformation as a first in 73 years.

Adopting the Pro-Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity, he pointed out that this will benefit not just the poor, but all Liberians. It is a policy framework for alleviating poverty and reducing the marginalization of the most vulnerable while being conducive for the middle and upper-income Liberians to grow and prosper. Intending to build a harmonious society, he called on friends, partners and private investors to support the efforts of the Pro-Poor Agenda in giving power to the people, promoting economic diversification, protecting sustainable peace and encouraging good governance.

He deplored the vulnerability of the youth in his country who lack access to high quality education and employment opportunities, adding that he plans to make them productive citizens by providing adequate educational facilities at high school and college levels. He also recalled the Technical Vocational Education and Training programmes for the youth left behind due to the disastrous civil crisis. To connect cities and towns and to power Liberia’s economy, he highlighted much needed investments in roads, energy and ports and called therefore for funding and technical expertise.

Because agriculture is another key priority in alleviating poverty, focus is now on improving self-sufficiency in food production and self-employment, he continued. Liberia also intends to attract labour-intensive light manufacturing by implementing a new Special Economic Zone law. He noted that due to the results of the 2014 Ebola Epidemic costing thousands of Liberians’ and health workers’ lives, he plans to better organize the healthcare delivery system to improve the wellbeing of his people.

Concerning national security and peace, he stressed that his Government is in charge of its own security due to the recent withdrawal of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Liberia (UNMIL). He thanked the Mission for its sacrifices in securing and maintaining peace. He also expressed his deep gratitude to Farid Zarif of Afghanistan, Special Representative for Liberia and the last Head of UNMIL. Liberia is a peacekeeping success story, he said, pointing to the many peaceful years following years of war that were guided by the 2003 Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement. “We must never take peace for granted or forget the long shadows of conflicts on people’s lives,” he underlined, pointing to the National Peace Dialogues to be initiated.


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  1. i have just seen a korean delegate playing ninja fruity while our african man is talking…cant you just chill out for a sec?you make them for jah sake..lol.anyway you got em pretty girls.coming to seoul soon.

    This is last crown Prince in the kingdom of Nizamshahi 1990 th from Ahemadnagar Satellite air sound wave thought and speech direct connection United Nation Extra since 1978 .

  3. The whole president reading from paper like 1st grader. Why he can't memorize everything in his head like trump or Obama ? Too much reading from paper. terrible and ridiculous.

  4. I didn't hear him explain where all that money in boxes delivered to Liberia went. African countries want international economic cooperation but they start stealing away the financial help lol.

  5. From grass to glory……."so then it is not of him that willeth,nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mery" by his mercy we can make it in life. He doesn't matter the level of your grammar or your intelligence……..

  6. May God continue to grant H.E George Wear greatness in life to bring real transformations in Libraria. Time has come that African countries must show that they are able to organize themselves and deliver to their citizens.

  7. I believe we Nigeria's shall stop panicking and just show your support let us come and built a new Eco system and stop blaming any one let us come and built a new Nigeria

  8. The end of time is definitely near its time to return to your origin country takes what you have learned and helped to build your country unity is strength remember not to say angry words but thank Yahweh for everything shalom

  9. As I observed and saw President George Manneh Weah addressed the General Assembly in New York and presented his platform for the International Community, my heart was filled with joy. But that can only last just for a moment because of the politics of corruption the opposition parties leaders have against his Pro poor Government. These opposition parties leaders can do better if and only if they stop the complaining and give the new Government chances to continue with President Ellen Johnson Agenda Planning for the Country and with the assistance of friendly governments. Within the shortest space of time President George Manneh Weah Government has proven that his Government is a force to reckon with. And addressing the General Assembly in New York was a clear example of his strength and grace God Almighty has given him to rule Liberia at this point and time. It is a disgrace to the all Liberians that the opposition parties leaders cannot see their way to working with the Government. What have they done for the country, mostly those of the who have the opportunity of traveling and seeing developments in other countries. Look at the Ganta Harper road is this what they want to see the country looking like. President Ellen Johnson could have started with that connections of road but she didn't and when the Pro poor Government try to do that the opposition parties leaders complained. Can we Liberia compare our mother land with Ivory Coast, or even Lagos Nigeria. Why are we so wicked to Liberia and refusing to develop the country you opposition leaders? You sit in Government only benefits yourself and the massives suffer. After addressing the General Assembly in New York President George Manneh Weah have visited mostly friendly governments who are assisting the Government, and yet you opposition parties leaders still waiting on "Uncle Sam" to come build up Liberia. If what China is doing in Liberia with its Infrastructure developments work you say it is corruption and selling up the country to foreigner, then let Uncle Sam do that. But you know America has no economic agenda for Liberia and China has so pleased with your strength work with the Government of President George Manneh Weah and tomorrow it will be your time. We see the changing face of Liberia under this Pro poor Government and so please let us give development a chance. May God bless Liberia and the Pro poor Government of President George Manneh Weah and all the citizens of Mama-Liberia.

  10. I guess you guys are all CDC supporters, because I really don't get what this guy is saying here, all I hear from you guys is thank you mr. president you made my day or you made us proud. Now I understand what this township of Liberia will always be behind his friends in Africa.

  11. Mr president you impressed the whole wide world
    With these
    Great presentation
    Super introduction
    Splendid clarification on objectives
    Wise words
    May Allah protect your struggle.
    Liberia first .

  12. What did Kofi Annan to stop Rwanda genocide in 1994? As he himself admitted – exacly – nothing. almost 1 milion people lost life on his watch. And this man was given a peace nobel prize and many awards. My nation had suffered more from Nazists than any other country, and world was watching holocaust doing same nothing. Later, those politicians also said, that they weren't aware of a full extent – but it was obviously rubbish, they perfectly knew.


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