🇬🇧 United Kingdom – Prime Minister Addresses UN General Debate, 76th Session (English) | #UNGA

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, addresses the general debate of the 76th Session of the General Assembly of the UN (New York, 21-27 September 2021).

On climate change, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “It is time for humanity to grow up. It is time for us to listen to the warning of the scientists.”

Addressing the General Assembly today (22 Sep) in New York, the British Prime Minister highlighted the urgency to combat climate change. On carbon emissions, he said, “we need all countries, every single one of you to step up and commit to very substantial reductions by 2030.”

He reiterated that he is “absolutely convinced,” and “passionately believe that we can do it by making commitments in four areas, and I want you to read them: coal, cars, cash and trees.”

Johnson also said, “the whole experience of the COVID pandemic is that the way to fix the problem is through science and innovation, the breakthroughs, the investments that are made possible by capitalism and free markets, and it is through our promethean faith in new green technology that we are cutting emissions in the UK.”

On electric vehicles, the British Prime Minister called on the world to “come together to drive this market in a low-carbon way, drive this market so by 2040, there are only zero emission vehicles on sale anywhere in the world.”

He reiterated, “my point is that you can make these cuts in pollution, these massive cuts in emissions while driving jobs and growth. “

He noted that the United Kingdom has cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 44 per cent in the last 30 years, while expanding our GDP by 78 per cent.

On financing for combating climate change, Johnson said that government cash alone is not enough, he said, “we must work together, so that the international financial institutions, the IMF, the World Bank are working with governments around the world to leverage in the private sector because it is the trillions of dollars of the private sector cash that will enable developing nations and the whole world, all over us, to make changes necessary.”

The UN General Assembly (UNGA) is the main policy-making organ of the Organization. Comprising all Member States, it provides a unique forum for multilateral discussion of the full spectrum of international issues covered by the Charter of the United Nations. Each of the 193 Member States of the United Nations has an equal vote.

The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945. Currently made up of 193 Member States, the UN and its work are guided by the purposes and principles contained in its founding Charter.

The UN has evolved over the years to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.

But one thing has stayed the same: it remains the one place on Earth where all the world’s nations can gather together, discuss common problems, and find shared solutions that benefit all of humanity.

General debate website: https://gadebate.un.org/


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