【4K】Kyoto Sunset – Walking Around Kiyomizu-dera

Japan travel vlog, Kyoto sunset walking around Kiyomizudera and eating various Japanese street foods.

Virtual walking tour, experience traditional Japanese streets and delicious Japanese food with a beautiful view of Kyoto from the mountain top.

4K Japan walking tour, filmed on GoPro Hero 10 black.

Watch our full Kyoto Cycling Trip playlist here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpkVum5UgwI&list=PLnfP1fytwbXPN4cg5IIz-zuT4k4j0MSBl&index=1 />
Watch Thuong’s walking videos in Kyoto here –
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqIVZ8B0kZ4&list=PL-t87Qtvi1g2OMLGhW9m2HBkdv92fozeU />
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Comment (77)

  1. Thuong & Cruise — I like these travel/exploration videos. Also proud of her hard work to learn more English, keep it up.

    ~9:15 haha 'no katsu' = too much of a good thing. But you're smart to stick with other Japanese foods while you can get them; you'll miss them soon enough.

  2. I like your bike rides. but I imagine it could get stale after a while so its good to have a change. I never thought of that before but its good to mix it up. have a Safe Trip to Thailand. I keep thinking your off to Veatnam but I think its because Tunechan is Veatnam. would be funny her telling you how to talk. I've met a couple of Thai people and their really nice so you should enjoy it their just watch out for the bugs and the Comondo Dragon's. I've seen them on TV

  3. Glad to see you guys having fun, I love cucumbers but not pickled, that’s an acquired taste, never tried lemon dipped, loved that you left Kyoto as the latter part of stay in Japan, great call but having seen all of your vlogs and others like NHK’s journeys in Japan, all of Japan is truly beautiful, the video footage is excellent no gimbal needed, and I want to end by saying this..congrats Thoung, your English is much improved 👏🏼 keep it up.

  4. Yes I would love to see more walking and eating videos her English is getting better keep it up I am proud of her this is a good video my two friends all my best Ramon from Athens GA in the USA

  5. Kyoto is an incredible city. Very beautiful and rich with history. Miss Japan very much. Normally I travel to Japan between 2 – 4 trips every year. Maybe next year again. Miss ramen and sushi so much!!! Ride forever – Visit everywhere.

  6. Nice, a lot of back to back videos.

    I guess time to dedicate a day off to watch all your recent videos 🙂

    planning to actually do the same route you did on a folding bike, so this helps a lot!


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