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Comment (22)

  1. I have no idea what I can do to make money. I work but I do want the bliss. I am an introvert so I can't say sales is my calling. I hope I can find something soon I can do with love.

  2. bad witches or good witches. cas we have both extremes on this planet or universe/etc etc etc i have seen young evil witches and ugly old good witches.

  3. London calling. Gorgeous lady. Goodness what glorious energy. Wonderful. Whatever you are taking I must have that in bucket loads to share with A LOT of people. Infectious and inspirational positivity.
    I am looking to join your webinar the next time around. I have just subscribed. Please let us know in Europe when to log in to your group.

  4. Broke. Busted. Disgusted. lol…. I love that. I definitely need to meet you. You are the kind of lady that I like to be in the company of at a party. Penelope


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