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Ken breaks down an economic phenomenon that may be repeating itself; and could have huge consequences for your life, job, and investments.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰:
0:00 Introduction
0:23 What is stagflation?
1:24 The real unemployment rate
2:28 Additional considerations
4:36 The FEDs choices
6:43 Ideas on how to move forward

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  1. The fed can and will destroy inflation. The Presenter is highly biased. He will never admit that house prices can go down. That’s exactly what the fed will do. 50 bases point raises and 95 billion in balance sheets liquidation a month.
    That will force interest rates to even go up even higher.
    Bonds sold by the fed will have much deeper discounts and will force newly issued bonds to have better coupons.
    That will suck alot of cash from the market.
    Those liquidated bonds will have very high margins.

  2. Hi Ken,

    Why didn’t you talk more about Multi family investing during stagflation? Such as exactly what type of asset classes should we be investing in and what type of niche targeting i.e. you mentioned technology will be attractive should we be targeting tenants that will be working for big tech companies etc.

    You’re the best

  3. They should’ve never touched interest rates when the pandemic first started. If the Federal Reserve just allowed the recession to happen naturally we would’ve recovered rather quickly. Everything would be back to normal right now. No bubbles and no inflation

  4. I have a 2-family property I bought in 2012 that has doubled in value since then. I'm considering selling ASAP to leverage that equity into 1-2 larger multi-family properties (cash out refi monthly numbers are not palatable with the recent rate hike). Thoughts? Is it too late? Is now the time?

  5. This is the stuff that is taught in Principles of Economics. Here, many either skipped class, fell asleep, or were too busy elsewhere. Excellent description! Thanks, Ken!

  6. Wow. You did not mention that wages went up about 80% during the 1970s. People make payments on mortgages. Need higher wages to keep up…or much lower rates

  7. My dad was telling me this for years. He always said " When Inflation hits your gonna be paying pennies to the bank" keep buying real estate" Thank god I did!

  8. The difference between now and 1970 was we had a good wage in 1970-1980-85 the wage hasn't changed much from 1980 up until now. back in 1970 only the man had to work now mom and dad have to work. thats because they froze the wage for 47 years

  9. The FED and white house needs to work together to solve this.. FED alone can’t solve the inflation cause by supply chain issue and oil crisis due to sanction and shutting down oil pipeline.. Bad policy contribute to inflation..

  10. Wait I’m a little confused so are you saying that during stag home prices will shoot up, because prices have been shooting up like a crackhead for last 2 years. If we’re not entering stag u predict they will continue to go up or crash?

  11. True story even the GLD paper number if you track the chart back to 02-03 to today it averaged 16% price increase a year roughly a little over … physical Gold is even better at 22% in that same time frame .. of course this is the dollar devaluations effect we’re seeing .. along with some increase in real demand .. imagine when real panic demand sets in 😎 I’m gona say 4-6k silver and 75-100k gold isn’t far fetched

  12. I definitely do not think you are crazy Ken, but I will respectfully disagree with you on one point: we don’t need to keep printing money. It becomes a snowball effect. We have a spending problem in this country. I wouldn’t even have as much of an issue with money printing if it actually produced something that went to our GDP – if you are going to give people money then put them to work on infrastructure and build something and create taxpayers that create velocity to money instead of throwing it at people as they sit and do nothing.

  13. I am a perspective first time home buyer with the goal of house hacking (low down payment) for my first rental property. I am hesitant to enter the housing market now mainly due to fear but part of me also knows home prices will grow during these inflationary times. Would it be smart to get into the housing market now or wait to see how the 2022 housing market turns out?

  14. Why do "we need to print money right now"?
    I don't understand how that's a good thing. Wouldn't it be better to manufacture more goods here in the USA? I'm just a normal guy so maybe I'm missing something.

  15. I think you should take into account the aberration of the last couple of years. The wage gap (affordability) is astronomical right now and people overpaid for their homes and the true value will shake out via a crash. Question, if you overpay by 50% now and it crashes, is that still a good investment? I also believe rents are going to go down again as well due to stagflation/recession/depression.

  16. So in the 70s real estate went up significantly, but how much of that was due to going off the gold standard? This time around, fiat is now hitting ~50 years and showing cracks, and russia is now backing their currency with gold and oil. How will the potential loss of the usd being the world's reserve currency impact values in that chart in the 2020s vs what happens in the 70s?

  17. There are many factors you are not considering in this video. Two of which are:
    (1.) 1970-80 Massive expansion of currency started at the end of the gold standard. 2020-30 We have already had a 30% increase in currency supply and today we are 130% Debt-to-GDP. Congress can't spend more.
    (2.) 1970-80 Velocity. GDP/M2 has been increasing since the end of the gold standard. 2020-30 GDP/M2 is dropping like a stone.

    USA is not productive any more. We have nothing competitive to sell. Unemployment rates will soon start going up due to increasing interest rates. Fed Jerome Powell admitted his mistake yesterday. Era of QT has begun. Fed is reversing their course on MBS and junk bonds.

  18. So buying a house with a 4.75 mortgage interest rate is a good idea right now on a house with a few acres?
    Selling precious metal to fund the RE purchase…

  19. "The most important thing to remember is that inflation is not an act of God, that inflation is not a catastrophe of the elements or a disease that comes like the plague. Inflation is a policy." — Ludwig von Mises

  20. Pre 80's there was a very large increase in income that stayed STAYED AHEAD of housing increases. In the 80's the wealthy got lots of tax breaks and began our current period of much larger booms and busts and stagnant wages. People can't afford these prices now like they could then….

  21. I have no problem with my current investment company, Mr. Andrew Thomas Anton is the one managing my account. Investing in his trading platform is the best choice I ever made in mv life.


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